The best ways to sell or trade-in your old iPhone in 2021

Apple is constantly innovating and releasing new models of their infamous iPhone. Whether you’ve got your sights on a budget-friendly iPhone SE or the latest model, you should sell your old phone. You can make a considerable amount of cash from selling your old iPhone, especially if it’s in excellent condition. 

If you’re due an upgrade, sell your iPhone 11 or trade it in to earn some extra cash. You need to assess the condition of the iPhone and whether it works and looks the same as when you bought it. Look out for any scratches, cracks and small signs of wear on the phone. You will need to inform the buyer of the condition of the phone. The better the condition, the higher the price you will get for it. 

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You also need to look at the generation of the phone. A more recent generation is more valuable and will sell for more. Look out for recent iPhone releases and sell your phone before the new model is released.

Here are a few ways you can sell or trade-in your old phone. 

Get credit by trading in

You can trade-in your phone at your nearest Apple store and gain credit towards a new device or Apple store gift card. They will not offer you cash for your iPhone, but you can use your credit for your next phone. The Apple team will assess the condition of your phone and determine how much it is worth. The team can also wipe all of your data off the phone to remove any risk of identity theft.


eBay is one of the most popular auction sites online. Independent sellers and refurbishers sell used phones on the site all the time. You can join in on the phone and sell your old phone by creating a listing page and detailing the device’s condition. eBay users will bid on your iPhone, and you can ensure you get at least the minimum price set. Just bear in mind that eBay only offers PayPal as a payment method. You will also be charged a selling fee from the site.


If you’re selling a recent model and the device is in great condition, Amazon might be a good idea. You can make a lot of money through Amazon Marketplace, especially on limited edition smartphones in high demand. For example, iPhones in unique colours or sizes. Amazon is highly competitive and isn’t the easiest method of selling.

Consider the generation, condition and price of the iPhone when looking for a selling site.  

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