‘The Blacklist’ Pays Tribute To Brian Dennehy

'The Blacklist’ Pays Tribute To Brian Dennehy
‘The Blacklist’ Pays Tribute To Brian Dennehy

Brian Dennehy, undoubtedly one of the most talented gentlemen will be honored tonight by NBC with a special episode of The Blacklist. The beloved actor, who used to be recurred as Dominic Wilkinson died this Wednesday. Brian Demnehy actually joined The Blacklist in season 3. So far, he has appeared in nine episodes which include 2 episodes of this season too! His demise was of course, mournful to his team members who have been working along with him through these episodes, along with his fans who have been expecting quite a lot more from the upcoming seasons. 

Well, we didn’t finish giving his identity right here. There’s a lot more to say about him. He is also the grandpa to Elizabeth Keen, which was played by Megan Boone, in the series that was starring James Spader and Boone. This network scheduled its casting to re-air the “Rassvet” (Dawn) episode tonight at 9 PM that was originally aired on 26th of April 2019. It shall follow a new episode of Sony TV-produced The Blacklist at 8 PM sharp. The 9-11 PM normally aired show will air a single hour episode today from 10 PM onwards by Dateline NBC. The spectators seem to be really high from the air and we are expecting them to be equally eager to watch the episode this time as well. 

The backstory of Dennehy’s character, Dominic Wilkinson, and his relationship with his daughter, Katarina Rostova (Verbeek) were all that were portrayed in the pivotal “Rassvet” episode that was greatly popular in the past. Then, it focused primarily on the show’s mythology without upholding any regular “blacklist” case of the week. 

Episode synopsis:

Katarina Rostova (Verbeek) was seen to move on the run at a fast pace so as to avoid the forces that were trying to hunt her down. It seemed as if the mission was set in a foreign country where everything goes wrong in a catastrophic manner. She was all alone and isolated without any option in hand. It was all like that she could trust only one person at that point, to the man who has vowed to protect her through all odds. As per the Deadline reports on Thursday, it was evident that Brian Dennehy played his last television role in The Blacklist. Among the 22 episodes of season 7 that were shot prior to the production was shut down, Brian Dennehy was last seen in the 19th episode. The Covid 19 outbreak ceased further production of the season and thus, NBC did decide to pay the tribute to the legendary actor Brian Dennehy with a card that would be handovered to him towards the end of the episode that would, in turn, serve as the season finale. 

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