The Effectiveness of GPS Time Tracking For Your Mobile Workforce

In the year 2020, most of the world worked from their residences except for essential workers. This led to many people being outside their office environments when working, which means that their supervisors couldn’t look after them. Employees could easily exaggerate their work timings, and many of them admitted to having a friend or family member punch them in.

These issues aren’t that bad for people in the corporate sector, but they are an absolute nightmare for people in the field service or construction sectors. Many workers still follow manual time-punch cards, something the workers can manipulate in their favour because they can’t be tracked when out on the field.

The situation seems unfixable until you realize that GPS tracking is a simple and effective option to track your workers properly. Through a mobile app, you can easily time-track your workers and get rid of your timesheet problems. Let’s look at some benefits of GPS-based employee time tracking.


You may have a lot of trust in your employees, but that doesn’t mean a couple of them won’t try to cut corners. This is why GPS tracking is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal. You can prevent the previously mentioned problems like exaggerated work timings and “buddy punching.” You can easily track your employee’s whereabouts, further boosting an employee’s accountability.

Real-time Supervision

With GPS tracking, you can see the real-time locations of any of your employees. You can easily track where the locations of the employees and the various job sites are. It will help you correctly assign the right employees to the correct location. You can also help your employees by telling them which route they can take to get to the specific job-location much faster. It eliminates the excuse of an employee being held up in commute.


You can map out the specific geographical area where your business is generally conducted. Once you have this area, you can assign particular GPS points as boundaries for that area. It is known as Geofencing. An efficient GPS time tracking app will have a Geofencing feature built into it. This means that an employee’s workday can start once they enter the assigned area without them having to punch in and punch out. You have no more missed logins or incorrect entries.

Increased Productivity

One of the biggest problems with employees is their nature to follow a rotten egg’s habits just because the bad egg is getting away with it. Their incentive to work is diminished when they realize that they can take the easy way out like their colleagues. With GPS time tracking, everyone is on equal footing. It will force the rotten eggs to work as they are aware of them being monitored, and the good ones will work harder because they know that they are tracked, and their excellent work is appreciated.

Payment Discrepancies

The core reason behind the necessity of GPS time tracking is that employees will exploit less accurate systems to do less work and get more pay. GPS trackers eliminate the possibility of time theft or payroll fraud because the employee’s working hours are closely tracked. This prevents good employees from being underpaid and bad employees from being overpaid.


Since you are tracking your employee’s whereabouts in real-time, you are equipped to assist that employee in ways that weren’t possible before. You can reach your employees in an emergency or have other employees in the proximity reach them faster. You can also give your employees better routes to get to the job location by helping them avoid roads with heavy traffic or hazardous driving conditions. This leads to better customer service.

Less Paperwork

Since your employees are tracked through GPS, they don’t need punch cards anymore. They also don’t need to fill in physical job reports because you can track and assign the jobs through the app. Timesheets can be done away with, too, because the app will keep track of the total hours of work the employee has put in. The employees themselves, once trained, can make their timesheets. There is no room for manipulating worked hours here because they can only make their timesheets based on the app’s data.

Time to Conclude

When it comes to field service or construction, GPS employee time tracking is one of the most reliable and efficient processes to keep everything running smoothly. It helps you reduce payroll costs, streamline your processes, and boost productivity. It also leads to a more efficient and happier workforce. If you are considering enforcing GPS time tracking for your crew, make sure that you go with an app or software that is reliable and reputable. 

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