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And there is also a 7-day credit booster.

After its highly anticipated release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC at the end of last year, the Warframe Empyrean update, which brings deep-space combat to the success of free science fiction, is now finally available on Switch.

First presented under the name of Project Railjack during TennoCon 2019, Empyrean is primarily a cooperative experience, with teams of four (each assigned the role of tactics, piloting, artillery or engineering) among the stars for some energetic space skirmishes.

Missions commission players to complete various objectives, from eliminating enemies to destroying asteroids, and it is even possible to board enemy ships to take down opponents from within. With each success, individual roles can be leveled up and Railjacks can be improved with functional improvements (which affect weapons, armor and power) or aesthetic improvements.

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However, before all the excitement of deep space can begin, players must first assemble their Railjacks by embarking on missions and gathering resources. Fortunately, anxious space travelers have had the opportunity to sort out their affairs for a while, courtesy of the previous Warframe Rising Tide update.

The developer Digital Extremes has described Empyrean as a "fundamental update," explaining that while players can fight the Grineer on Earth, Saturn and the edges of the Origin System today, it will introduce more factions and locations in future updates. . In addition, a better balance is being prepared for solo players.

The Empyrean Warframe update is available for download now on the Nintendo console and, to compensate for the prolonged wait beyond other platforms, Digital Extremes is giving players a 7-day credit booster. Additional details about Empyrean can be found on the Warframe website.

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