The Essentials of LinkedIn marketing and Email Lists

Gone are the days where you could put up a post every other day and expect to receive a ton of traction. With the online cutthroat competition you have today, you need to be on the top of your game in terms of your products and services and your marketing. Content marketing is all the rage today and has been for a few years now. 

Traditional marketing advertisement campaigns have become almost obsolete, causing brands to invest in a lucrative content marketing strategy. If you are a budding business and unsure about how to get an effective content marketing strategy in place, you may want to look up the Content Marketing Institute. In this article, however, we will take a look at the fundamentals of LinkedIn marketing and email lists. 

What is LinkedIn marketing?

LinkedIn marketing refers to a practice of using LinkedIn as a platform to find professionals, make connections, expand your brand, generate leads, share content, drive traffic to your brand, and build business relationships with other professionals. 

LinkedIn is the best-known tool to boost your traffic to your website, identify the kind of leads you want, and build your influence through thought-out content. If you are a business on the lookout for talent, you can announce job openings and choose the candidates you want. 

What are the best LinkedIn practices?

Now that you know how valuable LinkedIn is, here are some practices to employ to get the best out of LinkedIn. 

Be easy to identify

Given that LinkedIn (and other social media platforms) is home to millions of users, it is vital to stand out. When a visitor checks out your profile, they should be able to identify your brand immediately. You can facilitate this by ensuring people see your profile name, a clear headline, and other identifiers. Be sure to enable your Public Profile setting. 

Use LinkedIn’s publishing platform to post content

LinkedIn’s publishing tool is incredibly powerful. It allows you to post content on your wall and have followers find it. The best way to grow your brand is undoubtedly through content creation. And lots of it. Given how valuable content marketing is today, you need to post content on your LinkedIn page and promote your brand incessantly. Do not limit your content only to promotional material. Put out content that people want to see, i.e., content that people find valuable. Balancing out promotional posts and educational posts is critical to have people latch on to your brand and become ardent followers. 

Include a page follow button on your website

You can promote your brand’s presence on LinkedIn by adding a page follow button on your website. Encourage your website visitors to follow your LinkedIn page to receive updates, valuable content, and other incentives you plan to provide. This is an excellent strategy to increase your brand awareness and engagement. The more the visitors that draw value out of your content, the more followers you get. In other words, you get more leads and possibly more conversions. 

Edit your profile as needed

You can edit and rearrange your profile to highlight the most important pieces of information that you want your visitors to see. This ties into being identifiable. You want your visitors to know what you are good at and your profile to show them this. 

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to optimize your profile

SEO techniques do not only apply to blogging. They can also be used to optimize YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and of course, your LinkedIn posts and profile. Do some keyword research to identify the most promising keywords and include them in your profile and posts. 

What is an Email List?

Email marketing is another critical cog in your content marketing strategy. If you’ve been online trying to establish your brand, chances are you’ve come across email marketing and considered learning how to build an email list on LinkedIn.

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What is an email list? An email list is a collection of email addresses of visitors that you get from your website or blog. Brands send promotional updates and other essential marketing information to these email addresses. 

Why build an email list?

There are several important reasons to build an email list. Here are a few: 

Easy to retain your visitors

The vast majority of people who check out your website do not stick around unless you give them a reason. You can up your chances of retaining visitors and turning them into prospects by designing an excellent website, providing valuable content, and encouraging them to revisit your website. This is where email marketing comes into play. 

Directly communicate with prospects

The provision to contact your prospects directly is a massive point in email marketing’s favor. Once you build an email list, you will have no issues reaching out to your followers and customers and keeping them up-to-date on your brand. More importantly, you get to tailor your content for each prospect, which is not true for traditional marketing campaigns. 

Boost your leads and revenue

An increase in leads and conversions is what you ultimately want from your marketing campaigns. Considering how important it is to stand out and make an impression, you should have an email list subscription on your site to encourage visitors to leave their contact information if they liked your website. If they liked your content and website, chances are they want to return to your website and pick up a product or two. So, remind them to do this by sending them brand updates and promotional material. Build your email list consistently and post valuable content regularly, and you should see an influx in leads and conversions. 


There are numerous effective tips and tricks that you can employ to gain an edge over your competition. However, the fundamentals mentioned here will help you kickstart your brand expansion online. 

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