The Facts You Cannot Resist: Eight Reasons to Earn CompTIA A+ Certification and the Use of Practice Tests

The Facts You Cannot Resist: Eight Reasons to Earn CompTIA A+ Certification and the Use of Practice Tests
The Facts You Cannot Resist: Eight Reasons to Earn CompTIA A+ Certification and the Use of Practice Tests

Probably, you’ve heard a lot of times that earning the IT certification will shower you with many benefits. But this statement seems to be quite general since there are hundreds of credentials available and each of them will help you in its unique way.

If you’ve decided to read this post, most likely you want to obtain the CompTIA A+ badge and you are wondering whether or not to take the exams and how exactly you’ll win if you pass them. If this is true, you’re in the right place: in this article, we’ll tell you how important it is to get the A+ credential for a rewarding IT career and how to choose and use practice tests so as to benefit from utilizing these resources.

What Is CompTIA A+ Certification?

Building a career in the IT industry is not an easy task, especially for newbies. It would be best if you had the correct qualifications to establish yourself as a talented individual and to face the competition confidently. Fortunately, badges from reputed vendors like CompTIA can help you with this.

One of the certifications available for IT beginners is CompTIA A+. Acquiring it, you’ll prove yourself as someone who knows the fundamentals of information technology. To obtain this badge, you must pass two exams — 220-1001 (Core 1) and 220-1002 (Core 2) — that assess your ability to master the following essential skills:

  • Identifying hardware components
  • Understanding operating systems
  • Troubleshooting software systems, networks, and hardware
  • Explaining and implementing networking requirements 
  • Maintaining networks and mobile devices as well as implementing their security
  • Virtualization and cloud computing 
  • Following ideal operational procedures 

After proper training, you’ll handle all these tasks not just theoretically but also practically due to a big amount of hands-on experience you’ll gain during preparation. 

How Practice Tests Are Helpful?

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To cover all the required topics, pay attention to the study materials you are going to use and their quality. But, even if you read several books and complete CompTIA training, how can you know that you are ready for the exams? This is where trial tests can assist you.

Practice tests include questions and ready-made answers for you to check yourself. Remember to use the materials from dependable websites to train with actual material so as not to have surprises on the exam day. Also, take all your mistakes into account and correct them as well as learn the topics you’re weak in one more time. Such preparation will increase your confidence which pays off on the real assessment too.

8 Best Reasons to Apply for CompTIA A+ Today

You don’t really need specific reasons to get new knowledge and earn certifications; however, if you cannot decide whether CompTIA A+ is a good choice for you, the perks mentioned below should push you in the right direction!


  • A+ credential is created by IT experts. CompTIA A+ is designed by experts and is trusted worldwide. It holds the ISO/ANSI accreditation status and brings you recognition all over the world. Through this, you can work in almost all IT sectors, including computer networking and cybersecurity. 
  • It is the key to your dream IT career. This certification introduces you as someone who knows the fundamentals of the entire information technology field. Its curriculum covers all the in-demand subject areas which make you a qualified allrounder and gives you the opportunity to choose a job from a broad range of options. Also, the hands-on experience you’ll gain is not limited to a single device but expands from computers to smartphones making you even a more demanded specialist. 
  • The badge is vendor-neutral. Many certifications are vendor-focused which is good for the specialization but, on the other hand, makes you not able to work with different products. Thus, being CompTIA A+ certified you can build in your career not within CompTIA but in such globally recognized organizations as Dell, Nissan, Intel, HP, and others.
  • It gives you the opportunity to maintain a proper work-life balance and higher pay! With A+ credential, you’ll get at least two great things. First, you’ll have a chance to create a better balance by working at home and choosing the job that interests you much which will lead to less tiredness. And as this badge has a good reputation, it opens doors to the positions with higher salaries.
  • More than 1 million people have obtained this certification. Yes. It is true that more than 1 million IT professionals have succeeded in their careers by earning CompTIA A+. The fact that the credential is so recognized and helpful is a credible reason, isn’t it?
  • A+ proves that you have hands-on experience in the field! Being entirely theoretical is not always the best pathway to good work experience. Especially in fields like IT, you need to be a handy person. Therefore, this is the ideal certification to obtain the required practical skills and meet the competition! 
  • It costs less than an IT degree. Getting any IT degree costs a lot and obviously takes more time. On the contrary, the A+ badge is comfortable to obtain, includes all the information you need, and requires less time. If you are someone who wants to master IT skills and become a specialist fast, this is the best way!
  • Welcome to the community! This is one of the most excellent reasons why you should earn this credential. Those who ace the exams and acquire their certification become a part of a great community. There, you’ll learn, interact with colleagues, get advice, and get feedback on your journey of success!


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What Are the Jobs that Are Available for A+ Certified?

With A+, you’ll be able to enter almost any fundamental job-role in the IT field. However, you can mainly focus on the following positions, to name a few:

So, are you aiming to fill any of these vacancies? Or do you dream of becoming a professional in some other IT sector? Either way, this is the best place to start! Do not think twice or hesitate to add this certification to your CV.

Final Words

CompTIA A+ allows you to open a brand-new pathway to the IT field. This badge is not limited to a single criterion like networking, security, hardware, or software. It includes all the fundamental areas that you can master! So, do not let anything deter your mind! Ace your exams with the help of practice tests and get yourself CompTIA A+ certified. It will only give you positive results!

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