The first trailer of Castlevania season 3 reveals the release date of Netflix


Netflix Castlevania The anime returns to the streaming service on March 5, and the bets have never been so high. Dracula is dead, as Alucard reminds us in the new trailer for Castlevania season 3, but there is still much wrong to face in Valaquia.

Our heroes, Sypha Belnades, Trevor Belmont and Alucard, are still here fighting the forces of darkness in season 3. And the animated house Powerhouse Studios seems to have intensified things for the third season, with hints of an incredibly dynamic action in the new Castlevania trailer. Castlevania fans with eagle eyes will see some familiar enemies, including Legion (also known as Granfaloon) and Malachi, who make fun of here.

Netflix confirmed a third season of Castlevania in October 2018, and announced that the writer of the Warren Ellis series would rewrite and produce. Ellis called the new season of Castlevania "A strange one: with an increase in episode count and budget, I went a little crazy and tried the limits of the thing."

Castlevania Season 3 will cover 10 episodes.


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