The Guide to Choosing a Medical School in 2021

The fulfillment of your desire to become a future physician begins the day you join a medical school. To join the school, you first choose your preferred school from a list of several hundred colleges of medicine. 

On average, a medical school student sends seventeen applications to different schools and may be qualified to join one. Because each medical school differs from the other in terms of facilities, teachers, and the possibility of being hired, there are several things to consider before choosing a medical school.


You might get a letter from a medical school located 300 miles away from your home. Unless you were prepared to live in the school while studying or rent a house nearby, it might be impossible to join the school. 

Another school could be just 50 miles away from your home but you must ask yourself a few questions like the amount of time you need to make it to school on time and if the road gets traffic congestion. 

It could be that you want to rent a house near the school but you must consider the location of the school in terms of the cost of rent in the area. If you cannot afford a room nearby the school, you might want to consider another school. 

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History of student’s performance

USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Exam) requires all medical students to take three exams, two while studying and one after college. To become a practitioner, one must achieve a certain pass mark in all three. 

It would be a waste of time and money to join a medical school where students have a record of poor performance. It will be likely that you will also perform poorly and fail the three exams. Failing exams might also be contributed to how well the teachers prepare their students. 

Choose and join a medical school with a good record of high performance and you will be certain your performance will also be good. 

Medical research paper writing assistance 

Compared to other research papers written by college students, medical research papers tend to be more detailed with real health facts. The student needs to study and research tangible answers for human health if they want to succeed in their education. 

To achieve a better-detailed paper, the medical school student might want to consider seeking help from Study Clerk, which offers professional medical research paper writing services. Their qualified writers are many years of experience writing medical research papers and they are time conscious. 

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School accreditations

It’s easy to assume that the school has all the necessary accreditations before joining. Later after graduation, you might fail to get approval to practice in certain medical fields because the school hadn’t been accredited by the body governing that field. 

For example, a foreign medical student who wants to practice in America must study in a medical school with accreditation from any agency certified by WFME (World Federation of Medical Education). 

Your opportunities to pursue your interests

Your desire to join a medical school might not be for employment but to become a researcher and produce medicine. If you join a school that will not offer you advanced research opportunities, your dreams might never be realized. 

Find out if the school has the best laboratories, equipment for practice, research, or if they work closely with other institutions of learning and health. If you cannot get the information online or directly from people, visit the school and be curious to get every detail. 

Consider entry requirements

Each medical school will have its list of admission requirements. Some will require you to get a good pass in biology, while others will require a pass in several subjects. Some colleges only admit students from A-level, but others will look at grade 12 or 13. 

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Don’t forget the admission tests like the UACT and BMAT, which you might be required to do before admission. 

Graduation rate

Some students join medical college with high hopes of graduating. Along the way, they might realize that’s not the kind of course they wanted. They might choose to drop or take another course. Some colleges also have very good courses on paper but in reality, you get a different experience after joining, leading to dropout. Find out the rate of graduation in the college. 


A career in the medical field offers many opportunities for growth and experience. The foundation of your training should be strong so that you will be able to build on it well as you advance. A reputable medical school will offer you the best foundation for your future practice and development. Considering these factors, you should take time to review different medical schools before you decide which one to join.  

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