The handwritten application of Steve Job’s fetches 162,000 GBP at an Auction

NewsDio Desk : Steve Jobs, the man who doesn’t need any introduction was able to fetch an unexpectedly high amount for the job application which he wrote way back in the year 1973. Yes, it was auctioned and has gathered an extremely high curiosity where it shockingly fetched GBP 162,000 which amounts to roughly 1.6 crore in Indian rupees. 

Charterfields conducted the auction in the UK and the bidding began from February 24 onwards till March 24. It is said that the job application happened to be one of the initial ones which Job has filed right after dropping out of Reed College in Portland, Oregon, U.S. 

The job application was earlier bought by a tech entrepreneur in 2018 and was hence sold at an auction. 

Naturally, the job application holds a lot of significance as it comes from a man who is literally ruling the world and it comes at a time while he was searching for jobs before he joined Atari in 1974. Right as he joined the above mentioned company he met his Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. The duo collaborated with each other to open Apple in 1976 and the ‘selected’ place will seemingly surprise everyone. Yes, the area was the Job’s garage in Los Altos, California, U.S. 

If you want to know the kind of specialization he has mentioned in the job application, then he put English Literature as his major along with Calculator. Regarding the section concerning the type of skills he possessed, he said that he is a computer design technician. 

The application which Jobs wrote was a single page one. 

Right after he dropped out of college, he was searching for a job based on the caliber and skills he had and his application also gains significance since it primarily creates a curiosity level for everyone as it re-affirms the fact that everyone starts with ‘small’. Yes, where Steve Jobs is not exception as well. 

He has been a figure which is ruling the world where his company Apple is predominantly taking the center stage. However, in his beginning he obviously started where he naturally took the first step of applying in a company. It is believed that the aspect has changed his life and created a new beginning, since he met his partner with whom he collaborated with the venture. 

The condition of the application can’t be regarded as very good as it has developed various creasing and has light related stains. It also makes use of an old tape to keep the top edges intact.

The application is also accompanied with a letter and certificate to authenticate his qualification and all. 

One never knows if it is going to be re-sold in future given that previously the same application has undergone that phase as well. 

Steve Job’s do create a sense of understanding and motivation for all of us to work continuously as we need to learn from every single aspect where constant learning and dedication can make us reach high for sure. 

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