The “Job Creator” on New Wealth & Finance Cover – Allied Wallet CEO, Dr Andy Khawaja Featured

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The growth of ecommerce portals has become inevitable with the advances in the field of technology. While more and more people are being able to check out convenience, there is a high risk of fraudulent activities going around as well. Dr. Andy Khawaja who happens to be the CEO of Allied Wallet and a globally leading provider of mainstream online payment processing, was recently featured on the cover of Wealth & Finance magazine. Allied Wallet has been the brainchild of Dr Andy Khawaja and he takes no trouble in talking about this brilliant empire that he had raised after a continuous toil of effort and dedication, of both his team and himself. He has guided a lot of people to start from the scratch and aspire for something that’s big and unique.

Dr Andy Khawaja titled as the E-commerce CEO of the Year

Dr. Khawaja is recognized as the ‘E-commerce CEO of the Year’ in a recent article. The content further refers to him as “The Job Creator.”  The readership further notes his ability to not only creation of jobs with his massive online payments company, Allied Wallet but the way he motivates others to find new opportunities. Besides, it is his way of thinking that further talks about how he has been doing in the market, and all other aspects that the new entrepreneurs should look forward to!

Andy Khawaja says that he is well aware of all the struggle that the youth has to go through, in order to make a place in this globe, and he appreciates it. Today’s youth seems to remind him of his past. Dr Andy Khawaja and Allied Wallet have helped thousands of people to become business owners and flourish their own start-ups. He also talks about how he and his team work for offering their products and services online so that more and more customers could be beneficial from his business. In a nutshell, Dr Andy Khawaja has been looking forward to seek more and more options to help out the newly found business owners to perform their transactions and scale out their business on a global level.

Allied Wallet: Creating jobs!

Allied Wallet is known for creating job opportunities for today’s youth and is thus, giving out a chance to the millennials so that they can trade and conduct their businesses without the financials taking out a share from them. Performing transactions is no more a hassle, and Allied Wallet has proved it aptly. He says that Allied Wallet is more focused towards creating ample options for the self-employed and the independent people to settle their tasks all by themselves.

Andy Khawaja says that apart from creating job opportunities, he has always believed in the requirement of a positive work culture that will eventually led to the success of an empire. He also talks about the influence of a team work for raising a successful business.

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