The Joy, Comfort, and Stress-Reducing Power of Digital Staging

Digital staging has undeniably turned into one of the most important elements for modern reality. It’s already become a habit in the 1990s to stage homes to make the property sell faster and for a better price. However, traditional staging has required a lot of effort and money. Fortunately, modern software technologies have been able to help in this aspect. As our lives have moved more and more onto screens, why should the realty market not keep up? Any property that’s up for sale is going to be advertised on the internet anyway. Click here to find more joy, comfort, and even the stress-reducing power of digital staging.

The joys of digital staging

If you attempt to learn digital yourself to sell your property or if you leave it in the hands of a professional – it’s an amazing tool that’s going to bring you lots of joy.

Most important for digital staging is the financial aspect. Digital staging is a lot cheaper than traditional staging. To get a better idea of the costs involved, traditional staging costs you a couple of hundred dollars per month until your property is sold. Digital staging on the other hand only requires about 1 % of the selling price. Who doesn’t enjoy saving some money? We know you certainly do. 

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Digital staging provides you also another truly valuable aspect: you can see your home in a different style. You don’t necessarily have to put your property up for sale in order to take advantage of digital staging. You know, to make a home more sellable, you basically edit your high-resolution property pictures. It allows you to remove and add any furniture you like. If you were keen on a huge renovation project and intended to do some heavy redecoration, digital staging lets you see the result before it’s even done. 

The comfort of digital staging

Let’s take a step back and imagine how much heavy lifting is involved with traditional staging. You need to make sure your property is completely unfurnished. Next, rental furniture has to be moved into your vacant property. Once your home is sold, everything has to go again. That’s more heavy lifting than there has to be done with the help of digital staging. It doesn’t require any heavy lifting. With digital staging any choice of furniture, no matter which size, can be added. To make your home, even more, inviting, include suitable decorative items and plants. Those items would have been rented with traditional staging. Unless you were to buy some extra throw pillows and blankets and pictures. 

Preparing for a digital staging

All you need to do is to take some high-resolution pictures and forward them to us. Within two days at most, your property is ready to hit the market. It doesn’t matter what it looks like right now. If you have any furniture left, we can remove it for you without sending around some strong guys or your own sweat-breaking effort. You hardly have to lift a finger, only to take the pictures and press the send button. Staging your property could not provide you with more comfort. You neither have to leave your home.

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But that was certainly not it in regards to comfort about digital staging. Potential buyers can go on a digital tour of your property before they may actually come around for in-person viewing. You don’t have to hassle around and make everything look nice for several viewing appointments. While you sit on your sofa and go about your daily life, hundreds of people can view your home from the comfort of their home.

The stress-reducing power of digital staging

Nothing is more stressful than putting your property onto the market – we understand you completely. Usually, before you take any pictures, you want your property to look nice and clean. Since you want your home to hit the market as soon as possible, the renovations alone create a lot of extra stress that you don’t need. Digital staging, however, lets you renovate your home before it’s done. You can change the colors of any walls, change the flooring and also remove curtains if you wish. Once the pictures are ready and your property has gone online, you can start renovating. At your own pace. Within your own time.  

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Another stressful aspect of taking pictures to make your property ready for the market is clutter. Certainly, none of the pictures you put online should display any trace of clutter. You’d have to hassle around and do a major clean-up of every room. As you’re leaving the property, you probably don’t have that extra time on your hands. While it’s best to provide us with uncluttered images of your home, we can take care of it for you. Digital staging provides the excellent opportunity to edit and remove any item. That does also include clutter.

Quality of life improvement

And what about personal items? It’s not the most assuring feeling to know that the images of your property show some family pictures or other personal items. A property that goes on sale should look neutral but with enough decorative elements for the homely feel. Along with removing any clutter from your home, you’d have to remove any personal pictures. It’s neither a good idea to display any hints of your personal political view. You don’t want to receive threats for being a member of a particular political party. Don’t stress yourself out about which items you have to remove. Digital staging allows removing these items with just one click. 

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