The life which gave birth to another was shot dead

In one of the heart rending incidents, a newborn made way in the world with his mother being shot. 

The killer was eyeing for the perfect time to unleash his heinous crime as he waited for two hours for the same. The lady succumbed from gunshots, according to authorities. 

According to prosecutors, Donqua Thomas, aged 30 surrendered to police even as he is charged of facing multiple crimes which also includes first degree murder

As per the version of authorities, he waited at Christina Place in Paterson for roughly 90 minutes on Thursday, and that’s the time when the victim arrived around 1:30 p.m. 

The authorities have only identified the victim as “R.L”

Upon arrival, she did the parking adjacent to that of accused car. After getting out, the accused got the opportunity to shoot him several times. Later on, he soon managed to get into the vehicle and sped off. 

The victim was taken to St. Joseph’s University Medical Center. Even as she struggled with her survival, she successfully delivered her baby. 

However, her struggles soon ended with her death as her body lay still, and the doctor pronounced her dead. 

There has been a joint statement issued for the same from Passaic County Prosecutor Camelia Valdes and Paterson Police Chief Ibrahim Baycora. 

As per the official statement, even as the baby is healthy, but his condition is said to be stable and is currently being monitored.

There has also been no confirmation with what the relation which victim and accused holds with each other. The accused has got a 30 years life imprisonment for the murder. 

The incident is certainly spine chilling and can instill fear and threat in the heart and mind of anybody for sure. 

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