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2019 has a lot in store in terms of new releases in the world of gaming. with an exciting line-up of anticipated releases, let’s take a look at some of the most awaited games being released in 2019.


Platform: PS4/PC 

Release Date: August 27

When Shenmue was originally released for the Dreamcast it was a revelation. Does it exactly hold up now? No, because lots of what we have in today’s games were introduced in the previous version of Shenmue. In a lot of ways, yakuza is kind of hyper Shenmue. For instance, a lot of us really thought we’d never see the conclusion of the previous Shenmue storyline but we’re going to get that in the new release. What’s most interesting is how much the development team has updated the gameplay but I think we’ll know a lot more about that very soon. 

Shenmue 3 is, of course, hitting PC but also PlayStation in August 


Platform: PS4/XB1/PC 

Release Date: March 29

The latest in a long line of country simulators, you get to be either benign or a malignant dictator and you’ll shape a Caribbean island nation obviously called Tropico through four eras of colonial world war. 

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Modern Tropico is a great game filled with humor and frankly a really good simulator. The previous version of Tropico was great and there’s no reason to believe that Tropico 6 with its fully simulated citizens of the nation will be anything less. 

Tropico will be of course hitting PC in March. The PlayStation and Xbox one will be released a little later on


Platform: PS4/XB1/PC 

Release Date: February 15

Here is a fighting game where the real world collides with the shonen jump universe. if you’re not familiar it’s the various manga series like Dragon Ball, Naruto, One piece, My hero, Academia and even Death Note. Although the characters from Death Note apparently will not be playable. Jump force has three-on-three tag-team fighting and that sounds great.

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 The game is hitting PC as well as PlayStation and Xbox One in February


Platform: PC/PS4/XB1 

Release Date: March 15

The division sounded like an amazing thing when it was announced and it looked better before the graphics got a bit of a downgrade. It turned out to be a Ubisoft open-world game. 

There looks to be some things that might set the division two apart in ways the original didn’t. Firstly, they’ve gone for a mature rating because they’ve amped the violence up a little bit which makes sense because we’re talking about a world where a disaster has gone down and it’s more or less a martial law, all-out war situation. Hopefully, division 2 is going to be better. The original wasn’t bad but it just needs a little bit more to set itself apart and this might be what it needs 

The division is coming out on PC as well as PlayStation and Xbox one in March  


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Platform: PC 

Release Date: TBA 2019

Talking about this classic RTS and from the looks of it the graphics are actually a bit nicer and the game itself doesn’t look massively changed which is great because that’s kind of what you would want out of it. needless to say, it’s promising. But we will have to wait and see what the game offers and it is hard to gauge what to expect just from the trailer 


Platform: PC version 

Release Date: February 1st for PlayStation 4 and January 18th for Xbox One

it has been a while since a nice combat game came out. Ace Combat was an arcade and simulation sort of mixed together. There hasn’t been a good release in the genre in quite a while. The game looks promising and a whole lot of fun but we’ll have to wait for the actual releases to know what the game holds in store for us.

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