The new electric truck company Rivian raises another $ 1.3B in investment


Rivian keeps driving.


The incipient electric collection segment may have been defined this year by Tesla's Cybertruck, but Rivian is not to be forgotten.

The start-up of the electric truck had some splashes in 2019, and is closing the year with an explosion. On Monday, the company said it raised another $ 1.3 billion in a new round of financing.

Rivian does not disaggregate the figures by investor, but said two familiar faces once again sank cash into the company: Amazon and Ford were part of the last round of investments. Notably, Ford invested $ 500 million in Rivian last April and signed an agreement to use the skateboard platform of the startup for a future electric car. Last February Amazon invested $ 700 million and said Rivian will be responsible for a specially designed electric delivery van. The online retail giant has ordered 100,000 of them so far. If everything goes according to plan, the trucks will start arriving at Amazon in 2021.

Other important numbers this year include an investment of $ 350 million from Cox Automotive.

We are looking forward to the production version of the handsome Rivian R1T pick up and R1S SUV Both concepts attracted attention in their debut in 2018, promising more than 400 miles of range and a lot of power. Rivian plans to begin production of the R1T truck first at its plant in Illinois. The first deliveries should start at the end of 2020.

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