‘The Nun’ is back with a sequel

The Nun 2 release date

One of the most popular demonic movie, ‘The Nun’, is back with the vengeance.  The Nun, a spin-off movie of Conjuring 2 is getting a sequel soon.

There is a reason for the success of conjuring Universe that they connect all the sequels and spin-off very well. Directed by Corin Hardy, ‘The Nun’ revolves around the origin of Valak, the popular demon from conjuring 2.

Though the movie got mixed reviews from the audiences, it became one of the highest grossing movies from conjuring franchise. Not everyone liked it but it has got a great response from most of the audiences. Seeing the success of the movie, it was quite obvious that the makers will come up with the sequel too.

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Recently, Peter Safran producer of the Conjuring franchise on the news said, “I think there is an inevitability to another Nun movie. We have a really fun storyline for that teed up, so I think that that’s the next one that will be written.”

So it is confirmed that the movie is getting a sequel although ‘Warner Bros’ and ‘New line’ did not confirm anything on the news yet.


In the original movie, all the characters were alive at the end.  So, most of the original characters are reprising their roles including Jonas Bloquet, Taissa Farmiga and of course Bonnie Aarons as the horrific nun. Akela Cooper has been confirmed as the screenwriter who had already worked on multiple projects in the same genre. Seems like the franchise wants to step up the sequel. In the case of Annabelle also they did the same. The original movie was okay but the sequel was much better than the original one.

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The Nun is not going to come out sooner; not for another 2 years at least. The production house has a packed schedule because of two big movies, ‘Annabelle comes home’ coming this year followed by ‘The Conjuring 3’ next year. There are a couple of more movies aligned for the next 2 years. So, there is no scope of making ‘The Nun 2’ before that. Looking at the scenario, the sequel might come out in 2021 or 2022. There are chances that the movie will be introduced in the opening credits sequence of the ‘Annabelle 3‘ or ‘Conjuring 3‘.

So the fans have to wait a little longer. Till then the franchise has got us Annabelle 3 will be out in the month of June in the theatres. Safran said, “This film starts right after the prologue of the first Conjuring,”. The supernatural investigators Ed and Lorraine are reprising their roles from the first conjuring.  

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So, which Conjuring movie you are most excited about? Tell us in the comment section below.  

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