The origin of Kylo Ren's lightsaber is finally explained


Star Wars fans never learned the origin of Kylo Ren's lightsaber, its red Sith crystal, or its unique design, but the explanation has come.

When the new Star Wars The trilogy was unveiled for the first time, it was Kylo Ren's lightsaber that became instantly iconic, even if fans didn't know what his strange design meant or who wielded it. But now that the story of Kylo Ren and Ben Solo is over, their unforgettable lightsaber has remained a total mystery … until now.

Even before Skywalker's rise was released, fans were warned that not all of their questions would be explicitly answered. While several important Star Wars The details have been explained by the novel since the film's release, the story of how Ben Solo became Kylo Ren has been explored in a comic miniseries. While the comic book's explanation of what the name Kylo Ren really means, or the biggest secret behind Ben Solo's blue lightsaber reveal are a bonus, one puzzle remains. And now that Kylo Ren's rise He has finally explained the creation and design of Kylo Ren's red lightsaber, it is a story that Star Wars The fan will want to get lost.

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Even those excited by the prospect of witnessing, in the words of the writer Charles Soule, the journey "from Ben to Ren" it could have assumed the general arc of history. Given the doomed encounter between Luke and Ben, the dots seemed easy enough to connect. Sadly, Ben's path to the dark side is even less sinister in the origin comic, showing that he didn't actually kill any Jedi, only desperately searching for Ren and his killer knights. Once Ren forced Ben to fight for his life, rage, anger and resentment forced him to kill … taking the first step towards his new identity. And the creation of his red lightsaber was as follows.

Kylo Ren bleeds his crystal Kyber comic

Succumbing to the dark side and killing Ren and his only surviving Jedi partner, Ben orders the Knights to begin a journey on their …its spacecraft. This gives Ben time to deal with his lightsaber, as his last memory of his family and legacy. It's hard to know exactly how Ben knows how to create a red lightsaber & # 39; bleeding & # 39; his kyber crystal, but since it's a safe bet Luke never taught that part of the Sith story, the dark side of the Force (or Snoke / Palpatine's long-distance influence) gets the credit. But what Ben lacks in leadership he makes up for in gross power.

Channeling the emotions surrounding his father, mother, uncle, friends, and family in this & # 39; bleeding & # 39 ;, the comic shows that his fist, and the blue kyber crystal it contains, explode into a Explosion of red rays of the Force that extends throughout the ship and in the vacuum of space. At first glance, the process is similar enough to how Darth Vader bled his lightsaber crystal. But where it was just an act of Force, Ben's result is different for two important reasons. Readers can see for themselves in Will Sliney's artwork that Ben pouring out his anger on the kyber crystal turns out to break in two, not to mention that he draws literal blood from Ben's flesh. At this point, it is just the crystal that Ben has tried to change, leaving his existing lightsaber exactly as it had been while he was a Jedi student under Luke Skywalker. But by replacing the now-broken kyber crystal and powering up the weapon, the highly sophisticated Balance, Precision, and Focused Force instrument is as out of control as you might expect.

Kylo Ren building his red lightsaber

The weapon is overloaded, for lack of a better term, triggering a completely unstable and crisp energy blade as a result of the breaking of the kyber crystal. A single panel shows Ben considering the still-hot weapon, and evidently deciding it's time to completely throw away his saber aesthetic. If your sword is as wild as its wielder, you both need a means to unleash your new, overflowing power.

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The fact that Ben Solo created his now iconic lightsaber is combined with Snoke's lingering question: "What her name?" – put an exclamation point at the end of the sequence. The question is first raised in an earlier issue, as soft-spoken Snoke encourages Ben Solo to accept the truth about himself despite his family's plans for him. Recalling the childhood name he dreamed for himself, Ben Solo connects the name "Kylo" with "The part of yourself that you want to cut. The part that you want to kill." The comic scene fuses both ideas, his reformed sword and his new name, in the same act. One could even argue that Ben Solo's story is richer than Anakin's in this specific aspect.

From the moment it was revealed to the world, Kylo Ren was assumed to be an imitation or a pale reflection of Darth Vader (a notion that the movies leaned into, and is stated directly through Snoke in The Last Jedi) But the name "Darth Vader" doesn't mean anything, he just gave it to Anakin his teacher. And his iconic red Sith lightsaber is created in exactly the same way as all the other Sith before him.

Kylo Ren Red Lightsaber Crossguard Origin

Compare that to Ben Solo, and he becomes a completely different type of apprentice for Emperor Palpatine. Name the same as part of the process of cutting your light side links. And instead of looking for a Jedi to kill so he can take his kyber crystal, he commits the act with his own holy weapon (perhaps a much more accurate version of "killing" or "destroying" his former self than even Vader claims). In Ben Solo's case, the crystal, saber, and man are visibly divided in half, an idea that will define Ben Solo's journey through his entire trilogy.

With the sword powered up, the miniseries comes to an end as Kylo Ren's first shot of his sword solidifies his identity and purpose as he is intended to be a young Jedi. The scene may be one that all fans will have preferred to see in the movie, but it's still just one more reason why Star Wars: The Rise of Kylo Ren Reading required for Star Wars enthusiasts.

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