The Owl House Season 3: A Kickass Television Drama- Release date, Cast And Storyline

the owl house season 3
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The Owl House, the new television drama that premiered last week on ABC, is a riveting show with a cast of talented actors. The plot revolves around the lives of three women who all have the ability to see the future in one way or another.

Release date:

In 2021.

Cast and characters:

– Rebecca: the main protagonist of the show.

– David Hibbard, the detective who is in charge of the case and becomes a love interest for Rebecca.

– Cara Alvarez, one of the other female leads on the show with psychic abilities similar to those from The Mentalist.

– Billie Boggs: the protagonist of the show, the girl who is always looking for adventure

– Lorcan O’Halloran: the oldest in the family and the most sensible. He loves his siblings dearly but sometimes has to take care of them while they’re getting into trouble!

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– Sinead O’Conner: Billie’s best friend since kindergarten, the life of the party and the most popular girl in school

The Owl House Season 3 Won't Be Extended and Everyone's Sad

– Nick O’Halloran: Lorcan’s little brother, always looking for trouble with his sister. He is the youngest but no less mischievous

– Michaela Murphy: a sweet, innocent character who has been Billie’s best friend since first grade

Plot details:

The series is based on the adventures of the O’Halloran children and their friends. They are always getting up to mischief, but the show also tackles more serious topics like divorce, abandonment or bullying. The owl house season three follows Billie as she starts her first year at college in Dublin while trying to get over heartbreak from the summer.

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“Billie’s the youngest of the O’Halloran children, but she has the most middle-child qualities,” says the show’s creator and writer Olaf de Cock. “She feels like a proto-adult much sooner than her older siblings Lorcan and Nick.” Billie is also the only one in the family to still be at the owl house.

“It was her idea to go off and study in Dublin,” de Cock says, “so they show is presenting the first time she would have been away from the family for such a long period of time.”

The adventures of the O’Halloran children and their friends continue as they face new challenges and the realities of adolescence. The O’Halloran children will have to find ways to cope with the death of their mother, as well as the arrival of a new younger sibling in the family.

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“We are really excited for people to see this season,” says Maddy’s twin sister Charlie.”It has been such an amazing experience working on the show and being the youngest member of the cast. We are really excited that season three will be filmed in Canada.”

The TV series is based on the book by the same name by the children’s author Megan Watterson.


The Owl House is a Canadian-Irish animated series created and produced by the Irish production company Brown Bag Films Dublin, Ireland for the Family Channel in Canada. It has been adapted from the book of the same name written by American children’s author Megan Watterson.”

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