The parasite breaks the box office record of a film in a foreign language in the United Kingdom.

Parasite breaks box office record for a foreign language film in the U.K.

PARASITE continues to make history. Bong Oscar-winning film Joon Ho has had an incredible career and is now breaking more records abroad.

PARASITE has officially become the United Kingdom. The highest grossing foreign language film of all time. The film exceeds THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST by Mel Gibson, who had held the record for foreign language films since 2004, exceeding £ 11.1 million ($ 14.5 million) over the weekend. PARASITE debuted in the United Kingdom on February 7, just a few days before the Academy Awards, where he won four Oscars, including the best film.

Taking advantage of the momentum of his Oscars, the film took $ 1.8 million including advances during its debut weekend to record the highest grossing foreign language opening of all time in the United Kingdom. The following week, the launch of PARASITE expanded from 137 cinemas to 428 sites in the UK market, which only boosted its box office performance in that territory

PARASITE has really been a box office giant, particularly for a film in a foreign language. Globally, PARASITE has raised $ 257 million at the box office, with more than $ 50 million from the US. UU. Through the Neon distributor and $ 73 million in South Korea.

Have you been part of the historic PARASITE box office?

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