The price of the PS5 could go up to $ 499


A new week, a new round of rumors about the PlayStation 5 with the console about to be announced. The fury of the cascade of alleged leaks has diminished, but the river continues to carry water.

And although all the rumors are just that, rumors that are not worth anything until Sony does not put them in black on white, it is worthwhile to review them and classify them on the credibility scale of (almost) confirmed to unlikely.

The PS5 will run almost every game on the PS4: (almost) confirmed

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

This rumor has been almost fully confirmed at a results conference of Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot. According to Guillemot, both the new Xbox Series X and the PS5 "can use almost all the games on the previous consoles."

"It will be something new in the industry," Guillemot said. "(Retro-compatibility) will help the older generations to continue to be great in the coming years."

This data had already leaked as rumor / speculation, so it is good news to be able to confirm it 99% thanks to a serious label like Uibsoft.

A patent points to a new way of using PSVR 2: perhaps


(Image credit: Joeri Mostmans /

Sony has patented a new controller that uses the movement for PSVR 2, the second version of the PS5 virtual reality system.

Published by the international WIPO patent organization, the new patent describes a new controller with a shape similar to that of the Nintendo Wii but equipped with sensors that can record the movement of the fingers that determines which user is playing as well as the distance between several controllers .

"This control device is carried in the hand and includes: several sensor units that detect the user's fingers; and a piece to support the units," says the patent description. "The part supports the sensors used to change the distance between sensors. ”

Will this patent be indicative of new Move controllers for the PSVR2? Hopefully, although almost all patents do not They materialize in final products.

The price of the PS5 will increase: unlikely?


(Image credit: Sony)

A Bloomberg article says that the increase in DRAM and NAND memory costs – which are crucial to the operation of the console processor and are highly demanded components of the cell phone industry – makes it possible for Sony to keep the price PS5 final below $ 400 will be little less than impossible.

In fact, the report says that the manufacturing cost of each console will be about $ 450 per unit. With that price it would be impossible for Sony to sell that console for less than $ 500 unless they do not want to lose money in order to capture market share. The $ 499 would be the same as the original price of the Xbox One and the Xbox One X. In fact, if global marketing costs are added, the unit cost price could skyrocket and Sony would have no choice but to eat the loss If you don't want Microsoft to destroy it.

On the other hand, there was already speculation that said the final price would be $ 499, so this rumor does not change the previous ones much. However, we still believe that Sony would make a huge mistake if it launched the PS5 at $ 500, so we are going to rate this rumor as an unlikely doubtful.


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