The PS Classic now costs £ 40 on Amazon • newsdio


The retro console falls even more in price.

Sony's less than perfect attempt to get into the retro console car has been reduced to a new low price.

At this time, you can get the PS Classic for £ 40 at Amazon UK.

Or a little less, in fact, if you buy through one of the other satisfied Amazon sellers who have removed a little more of that discounted price.

It is far from the price of £ 90 that launched the retro console in December 2018. A PlayStation Classic also costs $ 36.99 in the US. UU.

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The fall in prices makes a lot of sense if you consider that, in the world of mini consoles, the PS Classic has not done as well as the offers of Nintendo or Sega. In the Digital Foundry PS Classic review, they found that it offers a large library of games, but is extremely poor at emulating them.

However, it might be worth it at this lower price if you've been considering it to play Final Fantasy 7, Metal Gear Solid or Siphon Filter again on something that looks and feels like the original gray box.

For something superior, Digital Foundry considers Mega Drive Mini to be the best retro console yet. That still sits proudly around the £ 60 mark.

However, if we ever see an offer about it, you can be sure that we will let you know in Jelly Deals. While there, you will also find our options for the best PS4 external hard drive and where you can find a cheap PS Plus offer.


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