The Smash Bros Ultimate DLC is coming to an end, so what's next for the franchise?


Super Smash Bros Ultimate is undoubtedly one of the most necessary Nintendo Switch games to play on the best selling console. With every fighter that ever appears in the franchise, a lot of new ones coming through DLC and the flexible gaming styles that Nintendo's portable / home console hybrid offers, is a fighting game with a lot to recommend.

Now, however, it seems that the DLC faucet is drying.

In early 2020, a live broadcast of Smash Bros Ultimate was revealed the existence of a completely different season of Fighters Pass, with six new fighters (and without warning) in addition to the five original DLC fighters that were announced.

There is much speculation about the additional six, of course, from the favorites of yesteryear like Crash Bandicoot to the devastating Doomguy, but what is even more revealing is that players probably won't get more DLC after this.

Sakurai tells everything

Masahiro Sakurai, director of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate game, has confirmed that the incoming Fighters Pass was the last batch of DLC fighters for the Switch game.

Comments came in his column for the Japanese game magazine Famitsu, at least according to the summaries of the article published online (with some help from Google Translator).

Blogger Ryokutya2089 quotes Sakurai as saying that "the breakdown of the six has been decided and we do not plan to do more."

Those plans could always change in the future, of course, depending on when a new Smash Bros entry is planned, although Sakurai adds that "I and the people in charge of Nintendo have no idea what the future will be."

New game, new console?

So, will there be more Smash Bros? It is unlikely that we will not see another entry, given the popularity of the series, and the relative youth of the Switch hardware means that we would expect to see it on a Switch model in some way, even if we have to wait for a more substantial update, and in the same publication Sakurai is quoted from the blog as saying that "Smash's next job will not be released until new hardware is released."

There are many rumors about a new model of Nintendo Switch or Switch Pro with improved specifications and processing power, if not even 4K resolution, although we know that the console line will not receive an update line this year, so we would expect it to be 2021 as soon as possible.

The next Fighters Pass should advance until 2021, if Nintendo sticks to the same seasonal release schedule for its DLC fighters we've seen so far, which gives Sakurai and Bandai Namco enough time to plan their next move.

The Smash Bros Ultimate DLC is coming to an end

The first Combat Pass ends with Byleth of Fire Emblem (Image credit: Nintendo)

While another Smash Bros game seems safe, it is worth noting that so far many resources have been invested in the game, and Nintendo probably won't want to get rid of its accumulated player base too soon, especially given its esports ambitions for the game. . Giving players time to enjoy the DLC fighters they have paid for is not a bad idea either.

We would like to think that a new Smash Bros game would have the same wide inclusion of the old Smash fighters, although with the new additions for this entry, we may see a more curated list next time, in the division line, the -down Pokédex cut for Pokémon Sword and Shield.

So, although a new game is not yet being prepared, and is probably not formally announced until after an update of the Switch console hits the market, which means that these considerations are quite far away, it seems that another Smash title probably only It will come when there is hardware capable of supporting something that has substantially improved in terms of graphic dexterity.

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