The Swift Romance of Harry Styles

NewsDio Desk : If you are a fan of Harry Styles or Taylor Swift (or both), then you must be familiar with the saga of ‘HAYLOR’! The ‘Fearless’ star  Swift and Harry sparked dating rumors way back in 2012. Taylor and Harry first met in March 2012 at the Kids Choice Awards. Soon Afterwards, the speculation of their love affair started taking rounds. A picture of them strolling in Central Park went viral over the internet and the fans went into ecstasy. (They were even involved in a snowmobile accident which was later confirmed by Swift in an interview with Rolling stone Magazine). Styles added a huge amount of fuel to the fire when he talked about Swift in an interview with ‘Seventeen in Nov 2012…. “Taylor is a really lovely girl’, She’s a great girl and she’s extremely talented”. Although, he was much younger( only 18 years old)  then her , but that couldn’t stop their brief Romance. They even used to share a neckless, that made the fans to speculate that they were dating in the first place.

The rumpus surrounding Harry styles and Taylor Swift came to the forefront when Harry visited Taylor Swift during a rehearsal. The internet was absolutely brimming with the photos of them with the Hashtag  #Haylor. And finally, the two accepted the news and put an end to the rumors. They seemed like a match made in Heaven. 

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However, their relationship came to an end after few months. The pair broke up in January 2013. Although their romance was short lived, their relationship lives on forever through the songs they wrote about each other. TAYLOR wrote many songs like ‘ Out of the Woods’ and ‘Styles’ about Harry and  the time she spent with him . The song ‘Out of the woods’ of her Album 1989, reveals the unpleasant truth of their relationship. In this particular song she talked about the “anxiety”  felt during the relationship with Harry. She even talked about this experience during an interview …“Everyday was a struggle. Forget making plans for life, we were just trying to make it to the next week. There are many references of the time she spent with Harry including  the snowmobile accident in which  Harry got twenty stitches. A Few lines of the famous “Out of the woods” song are as under :- 

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 Looking as I now

 It all seems so simple

 We were lying on our couch 

  I remember



Are we out of the woods yet?

Are we out of the woods yet?

Are we out of the woods yet?

Are we out of the woods?


Looking at it now 

Last December

We were built to fall apart

 Then fall back Together 

 Ooh your Neckless hanging from my neck………

Similarly, Harry also wrote “Two Ghosts” which is possibly about Taylor swift.

They both called their relationship “A learning Experience”. Four years after their breakup, Harry told “Rolling stone” in an interview that the relationship was both hard and a learning experience. Taylor seems to agree, as she also expressed the same sentiments in a “Billboard interview” in 2017.                 

Nevertheless, despite their breakup ,they proved that their friendship still lives on. It seems like there is no bad blood between the two. The two former lovers reunited during a sweet moment at the 202, Grammy Awards. From 2012 all the way to 2021, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have come a long way. Swift released even more iconic and groundbreaking music and styles officially launched his solo career. They both climbed the pop icon ladder all the way to top and eventually reunited at the Grammy Awards 2021. 

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The “HAYLOR” fans got excited when they saw the duo in a candid chat. The level of excitement was so high that some fans even tried to lip-read what Harry said to Swift .A fan wrote “ Harry saying ‘it was nice to see you Taylor.To make matters even better, swift was on her feet clapping when styles took home the Grammy, for the Best sole performance for his song “ Watermelon sugar”. And similarly, Harry was delighted when swift won the Album of the year .

The relationship of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift may have ended but the influence it had on both the singers and pop music is unimaginable.  

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