The Terminal List On Amazon – A Thriller That Will Keep You Unnerved: Release date, Cast And Storyline

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The Terminal List on Amazon is a thriller that will keep you unnerved and guessing until the very end. The story follows an ex-CIA agent named Jonathon Payne who was framed for murdering his family in order to stop him from revealing government secrets. The plot revolves around Payne’s mission of revenge against those who wronged him while trying to clear his name and prove he didn’t commit the crime.

Release date:

In 2021 or in early 2022.

Cast and characters:

-Jonathon Payne: The protagonist, an ex-CIA agent framed for murdering his family.

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-Gabriella Conti: The CIA special analyst who helps Jonathon prove he was framed and find the real killers.

-Anna Klugerova: The head of Russian Intelligence whose hatred for Americans fuels her vendetta against Jona.

-Anna Gunn: The wife of Joe

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-Dennis Quaid: The CIA Director who is trying to find and protect Joe

-David Rasche: The terrorist that is hunting down “Joe” at JFK airport.

-J.K Simmons: The CIA Deputy Director who helps Joe.

-Michael Keaton: The terrorist who is hunting down “Joe” in a train station.

-Michelle Monaghan: The co-star of the movie with John Krasinski, Anna Gunn plays Joe’s wife.

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Plot details:

The Terminal List on Amazon follows JOE (Krasinski), a federal employee at JFK airport, as he tries to figure out who he is, and why people are after him. The plot centers around the idea that there’s a list of CIA agents in place to be assassinated if they fail their mission or go rogue (hence the title The Terminal List on Amazon). The Terminal List on Amazon is a thriller that will keep you unnerved as terrorists hunt down Joe while he tries to figure out who he is (and how terrorism ties into it).

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