The Ultimate Dog Collar Guide for Man’s Best Friend

Choosing a new leash or collar for your dog may be fun with all the different designs and colors yet may also be confusing because of the different types. This in-depth post of the different types of leashes and collars will help pet owners select the proper material and style for their pet’s needs.

How long should leashes be?

All pet owners ought to have a 6’ lead or leash for restraining and training that matches the style of the collar. Correct training centers around having control of your pet. Leads are the only method of maintaining that control in all situations.

Types of dog collars

There are several collar styles to select from depending upon your dog’s training needs, disposition, and size. For most dogs, a traditional leather or nylon collar will suffice. Other dog collars for certain circumstances are defined below.

Traditional and luxury dog collars by Versace Homeware 

Traditional collars come in various widths, colors, and styles. Collars ought to ride high on your dog’s neck, and not lose so that it will slide down close to the tip of his shoulder blades. With a tape measure, measure your dog’s neck, and add on 2” – 3”.

Collars must be snug with sufficient space to fit two fingers between the pup’s collar and his neck. For your pet’s safety, the collar shouldn’t be loose enough to slip over his head. Besides the risk of losing an animal that escapes, loose collars can be more easily snagged on objects, and a lot of animals die each year from accidental hanging. For that reason, collars shouldn’t be worn in wire cages. Also, collars shouldn’t be so snug as to cause coughing or limit breathing. Frequently check the collar size on growing pups.

Each collar owned, especially luxury dog collars like the ones offered by Versace Homeware, must have a current ID tag with current contact details attached to it.

Harnesses for dogs

Harnesses that are placed around the dog’s chest and shoulders behind his front legs, are suggested for those with upper respiratory disease or any diseases of the trachea or throat, like a collapsed trachea. If a pooch that has a collar pulls on his leash, it will place pressure on the trachea and throat, which causes coughing and irritation. Harnesses alleviate this pressure.

Halter-Type collars for dogs

Halter-type dog collars provide the best control over your furry friend. They provide control of your pet’s head and once you have control of his head, you’ll have control of your dog. Such collars appear similar to a horse’s halter, with a band that goes around the back of his head, and another band around the muzzle. This leash snaps onto the dog’s collar under his chin. When you softly pull on his leash, his head either will be pulled to the side or down – making it nearly impossible for him to move forward or pull you ahead.

Leashes and collars come in different materials, which includes center cord, leather, nylon, and cotton web. It’s vital that you consider what the leash and collar will be used for to determine what hardware, style, and material will be the most functional for your pet.

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