The Walking Dead EP says Negan Killing [SPOILERS] It was always the plan


The Walking Dead a very important episode aired last Sunday. When the Whisperers stormed Hilltop, at least three main characters were killed. First were the deaths of survivor Earl, the reformed Whisperer Mary, and last, but not least, Alpha herself. In a development straight out of the comics, Negan led the Whispering Queen into the woods with false pretenses, and then slashed her throat and cut off her head like a trophy.

Fans expected this moment to run throughout the season, but there was one additional element we weren't expecting. After the murder, Negan met Carol and introduced her to Alpha's head. "What took you so long?" Carol said, revealing that the couple was in this the entire time and that she was the one who let him out of jail in the first place.

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While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Angela Kang revealed that she was adamant that this famous comic book scene had to be replicated on screen, but was also eager to give the TV series a unique twist to keep fans alert. .

“We often remix comics moments, but I walked into the room to break the season feeling very strongly that we needed to do the Negan (kill) Alpha story. It is such an iconic story. But we needed to give it our own spin, so we have Carol. "

Negan had managed to gain Alpha's trust in the last few episodes, having given Mary away with her as the mole in his camp. They even had an unexpected physical encounter at the mid-season premiere. However, putting his faith in the former leader of the Savior turned out to be the ruin of the Whisperer. She believed him when he told her he had his daughter Lydia trapped in a shed. Only when he opened the door and found it empty did he realize that she had been betrayed.

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Although Alpha is dead and Carol has justice for the death of her son, the threat is not over. Expect Beta to demand its terrible revenge against communities in the next episodes. The Walking Dead continues on Sundays at AMC.


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