The weirdest weakness of the Marvel superhero belongs to [SPOILER]


The creators of comics have discovered some rather strange weaknesses for superheroes over the years. In the DC Universe, Green Lantern has its famous problems with yellow, while in Marvel Comics, it is known that superhuman Spider-Man is shot down by … everyday insecticides.

However, a lesser known Marvel superhero has shown a weakness that is not only unique, but has the potential to severely limit his night crusades. We refer, of course, to the Sleepwalker, an alien from another world that emerges every night from the mind of a university student to fight crime. Born in the 1990s by writer Bob Budiansky and artist Bret Blevins, the comic scene of the time made all kinds of odd peculiarities of the possible characters. Weakness especially crucial.

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Although Sleepwalker has many incredible abilities, his connection with his human host also carries him with a special weakness that often limited his effectiveness as a crime fighter. Because how long can a person really stay in bed?

Who is sleepwalking?

"Sleepwalker" actually refers to the alien's job title, since he was part of a race of noble warriors who guarded the Mindscape (one of the many different dimensions of Marvel that unites all intelligent minds in the universe). The Mindscape was full of dangerous predators that sought to feed on the mental energies of the innocent, but sleepwalkers regularly protected these minds by tracking and banishing anyone who tried to devastate a psyche. However, during a Sleepwalker patrol, Rick Sheridan, a young film student, fell into the mind and got caught.

Thanks to an accident in Rick's dreams, Sleepwalker gained the ability to leave his human host's mind every time Rick slept. The only drawback was that instead of emerging in the Mindscape as expected, it would emerge on Earth. Determined to continue protecting the innocent, Sleepwalker decided to continue his mission fighting Marvel's supervillains. Using his incredible strength, ability to fly and "distorted vision," a strange ray of his insect eyes that allowed him to reshape any physical object he could imagine, Sleepwalker did a short job for most criminals.

And it is also a good thing. Because of how powerful Sleepwalker was, he could only stay in the "real world" while Rick slept. The moment Rick woke up, Sleepwalker would disappear and reappear in his mind, no matter what he was doing. A weakness that resulted in some really strange results in his comic book appearances.

An unhappy alien superhero

Marvel Comics sleepwalker Rick Sheridan

Budiansky and Blevins clearly saw the dramatic and comic possibilities of Sleepwalker's unique vulnerability, and exploited it at every step. At the beginning of his superhero career, Sleepwalker joined Spider-Man to defeat a criminal boss. However, when Sleepwalker flew Spidey over a river, Rick woke up and Sleepwalker disappeared, causing a surprised Spider-Man to fall into the waters below. This continued to happen on many of the Sleepwalker teams, making other superheroes feel like he was disgusting who abandoned them whenever they needed him most.

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In a more comical story, Rick ate Chinese, Mexican, and Italian food before bedtime, which caused him to wake up several times during the night to go to the bathroom. The same night, Sleepwalker was chasing a group of criminals in a high-speed chase, but it kept disappearing every time Rick ran to the bathroom. The high speed of the sleepwalker allowed him to reach the criminals once Rick fell asleep again, but failed to capture them, forcing him to scare them into surrender to the police.

Sleepwalker and Spider-Man Comic Cover

But perhaps the worst example of Sleepwalker's weakness occurred in a story where Rick accidentally left himself unconscious and then fell off the plane I was flying. Sleepwalker emerged, but he had to make sure he didn't wake Rick before he could save him. Of course, Rick constantly woke up as he fell, forcing Sleepwalker to be creative and use his warp vision to build a giant windsock to catch Rick just before he disappeared, saving his human host.

Surprisingly, even though Sleepwalker was a victim of his strange weakness, his writers and artists never made him a laughing stock. In any case, Sleepwalker's limited time on Earth forced the alien to be more creative and ready for battle just to compensate for his unexpected disappearances. I could have the worst weakness of any Marvel Comics superhero, but like any good warrior, Sleepwalker He refuses to let him get in the way of his mission.

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