The Witcher of Netflix has an amazing Game of Thrones connection


It's easy to find connections between Netflix The Wizard and those of HBO game of Thrones, since both shows take place in a medieval environment full of monsters and mythological creatures. But still, an unexpected link between the two fantasy series is surprising to many fans.

The new live action adaptation was about to become the next big news on television and if the overwhelmingly positive reaction of the viewers is an indication, The Wizard is in fact a worthy successor of Game of Thrones. People simply love the new Netflix series, and although some fans criticize the plot for moving away from the source material, all signs suggest that Henry Cavill's Geralt of Rivia is here to stay for a while.

But the fact is that game of Thrones He did much to pave the way for fantasy to be taken seriously again, and many felt The Wizard I was going to fill the space left by the universally acclaimed HBO program. And if it weren't for that, Westeros and the Continent share many similarities, both represent a bleak world where innocent lives are always a trinket for the political games of powerful individuals. Therefore, finding connections is ultimately inevitable, especially as Netflix's adaptation deepens the fictional world of Andrej Sapkowski's novels.

However, there is already a link between the two that will surprise many people. Fans recently realized that Vladimir Furdik, who in game of Thrones portrayed the villain Night King, has served as a fight choreographer for the first season of The Wizard When he shared a photo of him and Anya Chalotra (Yennefer) on the set:

In addition to lending his face and acting skills, Furdik also worked behind the scenes as coordinator of specialists in Thrones during the first five seasons and now he has provided his remarkable experience to choreograph the fight scenes for The Wizard. Except for the Blaviken Fight, which was coordinated by Wolfgang Stegemann.

The fight scenes in the first season were also done magnificently, both with Geralt's skill as Witcher and Netflix's ability for the show. Unfortunately, Furdik will not return for season 2, revealing his departure to a fan on Instagram. As such, it will be interesting to see if Netflix manages to keep the choreography as strong as it was during season 1 of The Wizard Now that Furdik is gone.


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