The World’s Greatest Betting Locations

From the IPL to the NFL to the Premier League, major sports leagues let fans live vicariously through their favorite athletes. Just as exciting as watching a big game is wagering on the outcome of the match. 

In a major live match, there’s excitement, intrigue, and awe-inspiring displays of athletic talent—and maybe a punter trying to cover the spread. Whether watching or wagering, the atmosphere is one of the most important facets of a sporting event.

Unfortunately, most fans can’t travel to or afford a ticket to major events like the Super Bowl or IPL Final Match. However, traveling to one of the world’s most exciting betting locations can be a close second in terms of exhilaration—especially considering many betting lounges can be found in gaming capitals. 

But which of the world’s most famous hubs is ideal for a punter? Surprisingly, the City of Lights doesn’t make the list…

Atlantic City, USA

Located on the New Jersey coast a few hours from New York City, Atlantic City was once the gaming and betting capital in the US. Prior to Las Vegas hitting the big-time in the 1960s, the beach town was home to larger-than-life casino-resorts and betting halls.

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Though retail sportsbooks have been a major attraction in AC since the first bet was placed in June 2018, the state’s online offerings have been just as successful. Not only has New Jersey prioritized the experience of retail betting, but online partners of top casino-resorts have also had great success.

Locals living outside Atlantic City still have access to New Jersey free bets from leading oddsmakers and online casinos. Those with accounts can easily move from an online browser to a mobile app to a ticket counter, and take advantage of exclusive deals.

Even better, many AC sportsbooks have spearheaded a dynamic sports betting lounge experience. In addition to providing odds and lines, the lounge is also decked out with extravagant features, including comfortable chairs, table service, and high-definition screens. Even better, partnerships like DraftKings and Resorts Casino are creating betting classes to teach newcomers the ropes.

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Macau, China

Since replacing Las Vegas as the gaming capital of the world in the mid-2000s, this tiny island on the southeastern coast of China has since turned into a travel hub. Not only does Macau deliver on sports betting, lotteries, greyhound racing, and all sorts of gaming opportunities, but it offers glitz and glamour on par with the City of Lights.

At the moment, Macau’s stronghold is casino gaming. However, sports betting lounges have slowly increased in popularity and availability in the past years. At the moment, they’re still part of a monopoly on the island, along with the lottery system.

But that doesn’t mean the betting lounges aren’t worth a visit. They may not be up to par with the Venetian’s sports betting lounge in Vegas (which looks more like a tech headquarters), but the opportunities are certainly more unique.

Most sports betting is placed on the Macau Jockey Club and Canindrome, which cater to horseracing and greyhound racing respectively.

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London, England

Though it doesn’t have an all-inclusive experience like Monaco’s Monte Carlo Casino or the dazzling beaches beside Aruba’s casino-resorts, London is sometimes viewed as the birthplace of modern sports betting. 

Throughout the UK, betting on horse races became popular in the 1600s and 1700s. Today, wagering on a big race is one of the most common forms of punting, along with wagering on professional football.

Many of the world’s most recognizable sports betting brands originated in the UK, including Bet365, Unibet, Betway, and more. Retail shops and online betting abound. And, despite the availability of online offers, many still choose to head down to the local bet shop to place a wager.

For fans who follow a particular Premier League or Championship team, betting at a retail shop and then heading to a live game is one of the most complete sporting experiences in the world (and isn’t limited to London alone).

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