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There was a discussion about Roman Reigns during Konnan's "Keepin It 100" podcast and confirmed that there is a behind-the-scenes heat in WWE towards Reigns.

Many of you will remember that Reigns dropped out of the WrestleMania recordings after learning that The Miz was ill. Reigns has not appeared on any WWE shows since then and there have been cases where his name was removed from the shows, especially a couple of weeks ago when they showed a clip from WrestleMania 31 and the edit made it seem like Reigns didn't was in the party.

On the weekly shows, broadcasters were told not to mention Reigns, and no explanation was given as to why Reigns was replaced by Braun Strowman at WrestleMania. During the week of WrestleMania, Triple H told ESPN that there would be an angle on SmackDown to explain why Reigns would be replaced, but the angle never developed, perhaps due to a lack of communication or what was planned was scrapped.

During that week, Reigns took to Instagram to inform fans that he dropped out of WrestleMania for family reasons. Just a couple of weeks ago, Reigns told TMZ that he needed to take care of his family, including his newborn twins.

In "Keeping It 100," Konnan answered a question from a fan about Reigns' absence from television. The fan wondered if WWE was getting tired of Reigns.

Konnan replied: "I know this because the people in the dressing room told me this, that it is hot to miss WrestleMania, which for me is ridiculous."

“At the end of the day, you pushed this guy down people's throats. People did not get behind him until he had leukemia. Now that it's over and it's a baby face and people stopped booing it, now you want to bury it when you don't have so many guys that are over? So it's hard to see that product … "

As of this writing, WWE continues to move forward with SmackDown plans without Reigns. As a way to get more stellar power on the show, they moved Styles to Raw's SmackDown and Strowman is the brand's best babyface.

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