These Are the 5 Best Beaches in Cape Town

Cape Town is located in the Western cape of South Africa, and it is home to dazzling coastlines with loads of beaches. A beach vacation in Cape town opens the door to lots of breathtaking activities including romantic places for sunset picnics, secluded coves, and safe swimming beaches.

Even better, South Africa is home to the world-famous Kruger National Park and Table Mountain, making it the perfect safari and beach holiday destination in Africa. In fact, it is commonly argued that South Africa is only second to Kenya – which is home to the world-famous Diani Beach and the Masai Mara Game Reserve – when it comes to beach and wildlife safari destinations. But which are the best beaches to visit in Cape Town? 

In this article, James Gatheru, the beach holiday director for, shares the 9 best beaches to explore in Cape Town. Let’s start the countdown: 

     1.Camps Bay

The Camps bay is 5 kilometers from Cape Town which is about 15 minutes drive. The Beach is located on the Atlantic Ocean near the feet of Twelve Apostles mountain range, next to the Table Mountain. It is one of the best beaches in the Cape Town coast for anyone looking to interact with both locals and other travelers. 

Tourists and the locals crowd to this palm-lined Beach to walk their dogs, play volleyball and beach bats.  You can also spend your time in the Beach gazing at the fantastic peaks of the Twelve Apostles Mountain Range. 

The camp Bay beach is best for Sunbathing, family fun, sunset cocktails, and beach volleyball. It has many fashionable bars, trendy restaurants, and cafes. In the evening, we recommend retiring to the luxurious Iron Steak and Bar. The restaurant has a friendly, welcoming staff. 

      2.Boulders Beach

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The Boulders Beach is 40km away to the south of Cape Town. It is home to thousands of African Penguins that settled here in the early 1890s. It is the ideal holiday destination in South Africa for anyone looking for a beach with warm waters and soft white sand. 

Both tourists and locals flock the Beach to watch these endearing birds. Other fun activities to do while here include diving, snorkeling, swimming, and beach walks. The locals here are warm and welcoming which makes Boulders beach the perfect place for solo travelers to South Africa. 

Most South Africans speak English, the Zulu language, Afrikaans language, or Dutch. By far, Zulu is the most spoken Native Language in South Africa with over 12 million speakers. So, if you are planning to interact with the locals, it might be wise to learn common Zulu words

While here, we recommend booking your stay in the Boulders Beach Lodge and Restaurant which is just a few meters away from the Beach. The lodge offers delicious meals and a magnificent view of the penguin and the ocean.

  • Blouberg Beach

Blouberg beach is located about 12 miles away from Cape Town city center and it consists of three different beaches, which include Big Bay, Small Bay, and the long Dolphin Beach. 

The Big Bay is one of the best kitesurfing destinations on earth and it holds international kitesurfing competitions every year. For a fantastic place to enjoy water-related sports, Big Bay is the place to visit. 

Dolphin Beach and small Beach offers a peaceful environment where you can relax with your loved one. Besides kitesurfing, other fun things to do while here include windsurfing, and taking in the breathtaking views of Robben Island and Table Mountain.

  • Llandudno Beach

Llandudno Beach is 20 km to the South of Cape Town, and it is incredibly popular among locals. The Beach is quiet, and you will find locals playing frisbee and beach bats. 

The Beach has refreshing air that tingles your skin, and it is an ideal place to watch the sunset. Carry snacks and a beach umbrella and enjoy a romantic beach picnic. 

Most travelers who visit this Beach spend their night in Llandudno Beach Apartments, primary because of its affordability and luxury appeal. 

Diaz Beach

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This romantic beach is popular with tourists and locals, but if you are looking for a place to swim, this is not the ideal place. The Beach has strong currents that can drown you. For this reason, we only endorse it for experienced swimmers. The Beach is located 20min trek from the Cape point parking lot. 

Diaz Beach is in a secluded location and there are fewer people here. It is the perfect getaway for anyone in search of a quiet, romantic picnic. Photographers love this Beach for its beauty and mood created by the water waves and sky colors.  

There are plenty of lodges near the Beach, and your guide will help you choose the best one. Boulders Beach Lodge and Restaurant is among the best hotels in the area. 

      3.Bikini Beach

Bikini Beach is located on the Whale Coast in the coastal village at Gordon’s Bay, and it is among the six Blue flag Beaches in Cape Town. It was named after numerous bikini-clad students from Stellenbosch University who visit the Beach frequently.

It is the ideal spot for family beach holidays in Africa. The Beach is clean and safe and has quality water. For swimmers, Bikini Beach has warm, calm, and clear water, which is excellent for swimming. There are plenty lodges near the Beach, but travelers are recommended to stay in Silversands 51 Gordon’sBay

     4.Muizenberg Beach

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Situated 27 kilometers away, Muizenberg is among the six Blue Flag beaches. It has soft sand, warm water, and a relaxed atmosphere ideal for family fun. There are various schools near the Beach that teach beginners how to surf. 

Apart from surfing, the beach offers other activities such as walking along the seashores with your loved one, and you can also sit behind the colorful wooden bathing boxes and watch the sunset. 

If you want to spend your night here, stay in The Waves Muizenberg Beachfront, which is only a few meters away from Muizenberg Beach.

     5.Windmill Beach

Windmill Beach is next to Boulders Beach but there are no penguins. However, it is a beautiful beach with turquoise water and giant granite boulders. The cove is shallow and safe, making it the ideal place for children to swim. 

It offers fantastic activities such as kayaking and diving, and you can visit the Beach in the morning or early afternoon to avoid strong waves in the late afternoon. Looking for a lodge to spend your night, Boulders Beach Lodge and Restaurant is the best hotel, and it is only a few meters away from the Beach. 

Wrapping Up

South Africa is in every aspect a haven for wildlife safari and beach holidays. The 7 beaches in our list above have been selected mainly because of their proximity to Cape Town and for having loads of fun things to do and see. Visit or to run more about the fun things you can do or see in South Africa.

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