These are the five main SIM offers this weekend only: three, EE, Vodafone and more


Now that the United Kingdom is in a perpetual cycle of bad weather, stormy winds and heavy rains, it doesn't make much sense to go out this weekend. So what to do instead? Do you finally find that the SIM offer only needs to be placed on your phone now that your contract is over?

Yes, we are aware that in the long list of the funniest ways to spend the weekend, that is quite low. With that in mind, we thought we could help speed up the process a bit by choosing the five best SIM plans at this time.

With great cashback options in Vodafone, continuous 1 month contracts at a time and an offer of three unlimited data that simply refuses to let anything else exceed it, there are many excellent options at this time.

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Our 5 best SIM offers only this week:

1. Unlimited data, calls and minutes with three:

2. Cheap … very cheap:

There are no limits on your use of social networks:

4. Flexibility of 1 month combined with a big data plan:

5. Lower the price with mega cashback

Unique Vodafone SIM offer: at The | 12 month contract | 60 GB of data | unlimited calls and texts | £ 20pm + £ 126 refund
Of the two, this is the agreement that ensures the largest discount. After considering the refund, you are effectively paying only £ 9.50 per month, which makes it a bargain for the amount of data you are getting. However, because it is a redemption refund, you must claim it in parts during the entire contract.
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Unique Vodafone SIM offer: at The | 12 month contract | 60 GB of data | unlimited calls and texts | £ 20pm + £ 90 refund
The exact same deal with a small drop in the amount of reimbursement you are receiving. So why would you want to opt for this option? The reimbursement here is automatic, so you will receive it without having to do the same level of work as the previous one. After taking that refund into account, you are effectively paying only £ 12.50 per month.
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