These cheap iPad deals start at just $ 250 for the 2019 flagship and Pro models


You will find many cheap iPad deals available this weekend. Between Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day, we are in the middle of a storm of offers at the moment, and you can take advantage of a cheap iPad for only $ 249.99.

That is the current price of a 32GB iPad 10.2 (2019) in WiFi at the moment, and it is a fantastic savings of $ 80 over the usual price of $ 329. In addition, you can even choose the 128GB model for only $ 329.99, a $ 100 savings. However, that's not all, because there are many more cheap iPad deals to buy this weekend if you're looking for something with a little more strength.

The cheapest iPad Pro offer you'll find this weekend is this $ 674 11-inch model. That has a storage of 64 GB, enough for entertainment, streaming and a couple of heavier programs too. Regardless of what you're looking for, you'll find a cheap iPad Pro offer to fit today, with almost every possible discount setting at Best Buy this weekend. You can save up to $ 200 with these iPad Pro offers, so get in there before they run out.

These cheap iPad deals offer a decent amount of cash on the latest Apple tablets. We have seen $ 50- $ 100 off here and there in recent weeks, but these latest sales are offering a good portion of the initial price at this time.

Not in the United States? See the latest iPad and iPad Pro offers below

Cheap iPad deals (10.2 inches, 2019)

iPad 2019 | 10.2 inch, 32GB, WiFi | $ 329.99 $ 249.99 at Best Buy
The 2019 32GB iPad may be the smallest iPad available at the moment, but it is also crucially the cheapest. In addition, 32 GB may be more than enough storage if you are looking for a cheap iPad offer simply for entertainment purposes or to surf the web. If you don't think 32 GB will reduce it, you can get 128 GB of storage for $ 329.99. View deal

Cheap iPad Pro deals

iPad Pro | 11 inches, 64 GB, WiFi | $ 799.99 $ 674.99 at Best Buy
64 GB is the least amount of storage you can find on an iPad Pro. If you are looking to keep perhaps one or two high-performance applications on your device along with smaller ones, it may be enough. This iPad Pro agreement is aimed at those who want the power and speed of the latest model, but do not need larger storage. If you feel that need, you can still save with these iPad Pro offers that provide you with the 256GB model for only $ 799.99, 512GB for $ 999.99 and the 1TB version for $ 1,149.99.
View deal

iPad Pro | 11 inches, 64 GB, WiFi + cell | $ 949 $ 824.99 at Best Buy
If you want to use your iPad Pro without having to track free WiFi, this cellular model can be worth an additional $ 150 this week. We are seeing huge reductions in these 11-inch models, and you can also collect 256GB for $ 949.99, 512GB for $ 1,149.99 and 1TB for $ 1,299.99.
View deal

iPad Pro | 12.9 inch, 64GB, WiFi | $ 999.99 $ 874.99 at Best Buy
You can get a huge 12.9-inch iPad Pro for only $ 874 this weekend at Best Buy. You can also save $ 150 in the 256GB model for $ 999 or the 512GB model for $ 1,199. This 1TB iPad Pro agreement also comes with $ 200 off to $ 1,349.99.
View deal

iPad Pro | 12.9 inch, 256GB, WiFi + cell | $ 1,299 $ 1,149.99 at Best Buy
The 12.9-inch iPad Pro with cell phone can do it all. So, if you're looking for the most powerful iPad currently on the market, you'll want to take a look at this $ 150 savings at Best Buy. The 256GB model will fit perfectly, but if you're really looking to take this iPad Pro deal to its limits, you can find the 512GB model for $ 1,349 or 1TB of storage for $ 1,499 See offer

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What cheap iPad offer is right for me?

There are enough iPad offers to choose this weekend that making a decision between the models on offer can be more difficult than finding the best price. However, there are different use cases for each iPad model, so finding the perfect tablet for you is easy once you know what each one can do.

The iPad Pro is the most expensive version that Apple's tablet can buy today, but it also offers the power and storage ranges that reflect that price. Current iPad Pro offers offer high-performance tablets to use as a replacement for a laptop or as a secondary touch device for heavier work while traveling. We recommend an iPad Pro model with at least 256 GB of SSD storage for heavier work, but if the 64 GB iPad Pro contract accepts it this weekend, we are seeing some excellent prices that make it worth choosing one as a lighter task or entertainment device.

The flagship iPad often runs the cheapest, and 2019 delivery is no different. The 10.2-inch iPad deal offers a more professional feel than the historically sustained standard iPad. With support for Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, as well as a larger screen and enhanced processing power, the 2019 model is the flagship iPad with the best feeling yet. Also, if you are looking to spend as little as possible, you will still get the 32GB storage options offered on this particular model.

We are tracking all the latest iPad sales here at TechRadar, but in case you are looking for something with a little less Apple flavor, we are also monitoring the best prices for Samsung tablets and Surface Go offers, as well as the


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