Things You Need to Know About the Hora Dance

Things You Need to Know About the Hora Dance
Things You Need to Know About the Hora Dance

Sometimes known as the chair dance, the hora dance is performed at a Jewish wedding reception. It is a high energy dance and usually goes on for hours at a few weddings. To perform this dance, you would need a lot of stamina, but it is a fun dance and is regarded as a top highlight of Jewish weddings. 

What Is the Hora Dance?

Adam, an associate with assignment help provider portal TFTH, who is a Jew himself, explains hora as a traditional dance performed at the Jewish weddings where the new couple are lifted into the air, and their entire family and friends dance around them in circles. Throughout the routine, the couple holds one end of the napkin or the handkerchief. It is a signification of their union. 

Hora Dance history

Dancing in circles is not new. For centuries, it has been a vital part of the weddings in several cultures across the Balkans and South-eastern Europe. Though the feeling may be mutual, Romanians have their version of it, so do the Turkish, the Russians, and the Bulgarians. The hora dance that you see today dates back in 1924. Back then, it was performed for the Jews who were settling land in Palestine. Today, hora is associated with joy. It is, thus, performed at all special occasions, such as weddings both in America and Israel. 

Though the traditional hora was performed by individuals twirling around in circles, today these are done in a bigger group circle. Participants usually join in and move around in choreographed steps. The steps are very easy to memorize. Elijah, an educator who works with TAE, says that his grandmother used to tell him that back in the day men and women used to dance in separate circles in a wedding, but today things have changed. Yes, today in a Jew wedding, you will see both men and women dancing together. 

When should you do the hora dance?

As stated, the Hora dance is performed at the wedding reception. However, as such, there are no specific rules as to when the dance needs to be completed. In this, couples usually have two options. First, the dance can be done as the couple is introduced to the guests, that is at the beginning of the reception. If not, the dance can be performed after dinner. 

Who can take part in hora?

Well, anyone and everyone who can and wants to be a part of the hora dance can join in. Immanuel, an associate employee of TrumpLearning, says that at his wedding they had a large dance floor to accommodate all the guests in the Hora dance, and it was indeed good fun. 

Who all are lifted on the chairs during the dance?

Usually, it is the couple who is lifted on the chair. However, at some weddings, even the immediate family members of the couple, i.e., their parents or siblings are also lifted on the chair. 

Who lifts the chair for the couple? 

As such, there is no restriction, and anyone who would want to do the honours can lift the couple, provided they are strong enough to do that. Given that it would require some strength, people can take turns, and lift the bride and groom, as long as the dance goes on. In some cases, the lifters are appointed in advance, while the guests join in and dance in the circle. 

When should the hora planning start?

Typically, it is ideal to start the planning for the wedding reception at least two months before the wedding. Since hora is a part of the reception, it should also be included in the preparation two months before the date of the wedding. You need to contact a live band or a DJ who will be handling the music at the wedding. It is essential to discuss the duration of the dance too. 

Who will play Hava Nagila?

Usually, in modern weddings, it is the DJ or a live band who plays the music for the hora. However, ensure that whoever you pick for the hora has the adequate instructions about the performance and the duration of the dance. 

Who will initiate the hora dance?

Michel, a calculus online tutor says he instructed all his friends and colleagues at FineGrades to initiate the dance. It is best to give responsibility of the dance to someone to ensure it goes smoothly. 

Who is inside the circle during the hora?

The hora dance usually has smaller circles inside one large circle. As the couple is supposed to be in the nucleus of the circle, it is customary to pull different groups in the dance with them. It is best to have one groomsman or bridesmaid in charge of encouraging all the guests of the wedding to swap in and out. It is a good practice and will ensure that everyone gets a turn. 

What is the fabric of the napkin?

There is often no rigidity on what the napkin should be made of. The only thing is that it should be sturdy to withstand the dance, and long enough so that the couple can hold on to each end of it with ease. Usually, people prefer to use a cloth napkin from the table setting for the purpose.

However, couples can surely replace it with a piece of fabric, which holds a specific meaning to them.

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