Three Houses achieves the expansion of the fourth house • newsdio


Nintendo is adding a fourth house to Fire Emblem: Three Houses, as part of the game's 22.50 Expansion Pass.

It will premiere on Cindered Shadows, the first important portion of the new content in the game's history, which will arrive on February 13.

This secret house is located under Garreg Mach and is home to "those who avoid daylight," which looks a lot like Fire Emblem fans in their third game of the game.

Named as the ashen wolves, this group is described as a "name-only" house, plus a group of grumpy students without a leader. That is where you come in.

The new content is described as a "parallel story," presumably established within your current game rather than as an epilogue.

Other DLCs offered as part of the Expansion Pass so far have been largely limited to cosmetic additions. And a sauna.

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