TikTok Star Carrington Durham Revealing the secret to her viral videos

Tiktok has become one of the most popular social media platforms for many youngsters and even the celebrities have been trying all their skills to showcase themselves. However, the Tiktok Star Carrington Durham had recently shared her secret for making viral videos on the social media and how you can make over just like her. She had more than 2.4 million followers on Tiktok along with 1.2 million on Instagram. She has been a social media genius and an awesome influencer too! The creator had shared tips to go viral as well as discussed about our new makeup collection with Lottie London!

Carrington shares a lot of things on her social media handle from that of her mukbangs to that offer beauty blogs and singing sessions as well. It is pretty evident that Durham can really do it all. This social media star shared those amazing tips to influence others how theg would be able to make viral contents just like her, by adding, “I feel like my biggest thing is staying consistent. Being consistent is such a such a key in going viral.” Obviously, she shared that you do not require to be too much of a perfectionist. All that you would need to do is to take care that you are aware of the kind of content that you are putting out. She added on to it stating, ‘but it’s not good enough, blah, blah, blah, I’m like, Listen, just put it out. And you never know what’s going to be your thing that happens to just blow up.”

Carrington who has been currently just 22 years old and she covers an array of categories on a personal tik tok handle and is also a part of the Tiktok collective clubhouse. She said it to her day to day life in the Beverly Hills, “I feel like for us content creators not a lot has changed with quarantine because everything that we were doing was from our homes, anyway.” She along with a few creators Gabriella Saraivah, Katrina Stuart and Devyn Kohl, “We still are able to create the content that we create… Collaborating has been a little bit different, but I live with a bunch of my friends and a bunch of creators anyways, so I kind of have that if I walk downstairs!”

Carrington has been with the makeup brand Lottie London! She shares, “Lottie is an incredible brand and I’ve been using their products for a really, really long time. We basically created this package, where every essential that you possibly need, whether you like natural makeup or full glam makeup, is available for you.” She added, “I’m just so excited because I’ve been wanting to do a makeup club like this for so long, because I’ve been very known for my makeup blogs on YouTube.

So, the fact that I’m finally putting this stuff out is just so so exciting.” She brought this brand before the social media by doing a few tutorials before her fans with the few products of the same. She added it doing the tutorials, “We have a beautiful palette.

It’s very nude, and like natural glam vibes. You have your shimmer shades, you have your matte shades, and the perfect blending brush that you can use for everything.” She went on stating, “We have an eyeliner that is also for beginners and has a stamp on it you can use.

There’s a setting spray that I like because I love the dewy bronze type look, so I use the spray for that. And a lip oil, which makes your lips look glossy and like hydrates your lips, but it’s not sticky! And it has a pretty pink to it.” Indeed, she looked gorgeous in the look and it is evident that her fans loved them too! Of course, she could actually influence quite a lot of a fans and inspired them that they can also even try out doing such makeup in order to make their own videos viral just like her. 

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