Time Tested Preparation Tips to prepare for the State PSC & UPSC exams

The constitution of India decrees that state Governments recruit eligible candidates through a common gateway or selection process. The State Public Service Commission (State PSC) is an independent body that does just that. This organization assists the state Government with the recruitment of personnel, transfers and matters that need disciplinary action.  

The well known IAS exam regarded as one of the most challenging exams is also conducted by a Public Service Commission – the union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The UPSC conducts nation-wide recruitment processes to select candidates for the offices of various departments across the country. Apart from this, each state’s State Public Service Commission conducts its own PSC Exam to appoint candidates to a multitude of posts it has to offer in-state administration.

UPSC vs State PSC
The most obvious difference is the difficulty level of the exams conducted by the UPSC. For instance, lakhs of candidates compete for the 1000 odd vacancies available in the UPSC Civil Services Exam (UPSC CSE). The state PSC exams are slightly less competitive compared to the UPSC exams. There are no state-specific reservations or relaxations for candidates hailing from a certain state in the UPSC whereas, in the recruitment processes conducted by the state PSC, candidates from the home state benefit from the large proportion of seats reserved for them.

The gap between the date on which the official notification is released and the actual exam date is significantly longer for the state PSC exams which means that you get more time to gear up for the exam and the stages that follow.

Despite the differences, the resemblance is conspicuous in the application process. the syllabus, the exam pattern and especially the eligibility criteria. It is thus a smarter move to prepare for both UPSC and a corresponding State PSC Exam in tandem than to prepare for either exclusively.

Preparation tips for UPSC & State PSC Exams:

  1. The state PSC exams almost always are under the radar for nepotism or other controversies. These things can typically result in delays and extensions. It is important to ensure that you stay on top of things and try to submit your application well before the last date. For instance, the Kerala PSC recently announced a few vacancies and if you are planning to appear for the exam then it is advisable to finish the  Kerala PSC Application Process at least 2 weeks before the last date.
  2. Use the right resources to prepare for the exams. For example, if you are preparing for the Kerala PSC recruitment then Start with the NCERT textbooks of class IV to class XI before diving into the most recommended or exam-specific Kerala PSC books.
    The NCERT books will help you solidify your fundamentals whereas the exam-specific books can be more helpful for practising questions. 
  3. Don’t ignore the general awareness section. Candidates usually tend to focus on the quantitative aptitude, English language and logical reasoning sections while overlooking the general awareness section. They assume that this can be covered quickly over the last few weeks. But this is far from the truth. The general awareness section can be a high scoring section and can even help candidates clear the overall cutoff if consistent effort goes in.

  4. In the case of the state PSC exams, a lot of the questions in the general awareness section of the exam and the subsequent final interviews will be based on the problems that plague the state and the daily affairs in the state. Thus reading not just the national newspaper but also the local dailies becomes mandatory.  
  5. Time yourself whenever you practice questions. Solve questions immediately after you learn a concept to reinforce your understanding of the concept. 
  6. Develop the habit of reading in general. It will not only help you with the current affair based questions in the general awareness section but also improve your reading speed and English language.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Please keep checking the official website of your state’s Public Service Commission to stay on top of the job listings.

Good luck!

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