Tips For A Holiday In Scotland

  • Carry Snacks and Drinks

It is always wise to carry something to eat and drink with you while traveling. When traveling through Scotland, it is a good idea to have something that you can eat or drink. The main goal for doing this is so that you can save some money along the way. Remember, while traveling by motorway, a majority of service stations can be very expensive because they always want to take advantage of hungry or thirsty motorists. To avoid this, ensure that you have stocked up with simple snacks and drinks

When traveling through small villages and downs in Scotland, it would be a wise thing to use local stores to top up your supplies. Many of the small local stores need the business, and they are often friendly and helpful. In fact, many of them will offer hot drinks to have for your journey through the country. 

  • Ensure The Young-Ones Are Entertained

While traveling for a holiday with your children, it is important to ensure they are entertained. Remember, they are going to carry the memories of the holiday at heart forever. The good news is that some of the latest vehicles come with built-in entertainment systems like a DVD player, gaming console, and others. If you are unlucky and your vehicle does not offer any of these entertainment devices, you can opt to purchase portable ones at a very reasonable price. 

Account to our experience, we have found out that these devices play a huge role when traveling with children. That is because it gives you (as the parent/guardian) some peaceful hours on the road, as well as keeps them occupied. 

If you prefer something traditional, you may opt to buy drawing books, small games, or comics. Keeping children occupied is by itself fun by playing games like memory games, or eye spy. 

  • Make The Most of Your Time
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To make your trip memorable, it is wise to make the most of your time. You can achieve this by making plan stops of interest. What does this mean? Well, it simply means that you make plans to stop in interesting places in Scotland. Remember, there are many places to visit in Scotland on your route to your main destination. 

NOTE: ensure the places you stop are quick and easy to view and access. You do not want places where you need a full tour as this will eat up your time. 

The best form of places to stop are those with great views or loch side lay-bys for fresh air and rest your eyes. Trying to match these places with lunchtime is an excellent way to enhance your travel experience. If you are traveling with your pet, take the opportunity to exercise your pet. 

  • Take Advantage of Online Route Maps
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If you are not sure of the directions to your destination but do not own a Sat Nav, you should take advantage of online route maps. There are plenty of good online route planners online where you can use to print out your directions. Good examples include the AA website, RAC website, and even Google route planner. Doing this will allow you to read over other routes even before you start your journey. Use the map to mark some vital points like the motorway changes and so on.

  • Pack The Luggage Sensibly

There is nothing more annoying than realizing you need something while at your planned stop, but it is packed right back at the vehicle’s boot. This can make the whole journey a worse experience for you. As such, consider keeping things like coats, foods, drinks, and other essentials closer and easily accessible. Also, do not forget to keep your luggage well; in a way that the luggage will not block your view from the rearview mirror. 

  • Plane Your Arrival Time
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If you are staying in a rented accommodation like a Cottage or hotel; it is important to note that you cannot enter a majority of the accommodations until the afternoon. This is so that you can allow the previous guest to leave and the room cleaned and prepared for your arrival. This is why it is wise to plan your arrival time. If you plan to arrive early, it is wise to inform the hotel manager or owner that you will be getting early and make necessary preparation for that. If you decide to stay in the capital then you can find Edinburgh deals for hotels on this site. 

  • Take Note of Attractions Opening Time

Before you start or while planning your journey to visit attractions sites in Scotland, it is paramount to note the opening hours. That is because places like castles and other historical sites always have an opening hour and closing hour. Some attraction sites will close during the winter months or close early during some parts of the year. To get the opening and closing times, you should consider visiting the attraction’s website. If this is not available, consider asking the locals for the information.

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