Tips For Hiring A Professional General Contractor For Building Construction

Texas is bustling with creative contractors here and there. But if what you’re searching for is a general contractor who isn’t merely skilled, but is backed by credentials and positive client feedback, here’s how you can find the perfect Licensed General Contractor

1-Price = Quality 

There’s nothing wrong with having to work within a budget, even when scouting for a professional general contractor. You shouldn’t have to break the bank to get the best of them to work on your projects. 

On that note, if you are willing to shell out (because you’re that concerned about being satisfied with the outcome of the construction project), the contractor’s service fees must equal the quality of their work. 

Only, if this is your first time partnering with the said contractor, how can you be assured of the latter? By their level of experience in the field, material types they’re knowledgeable of handling, and if available, recommendations. 

Remember that in the world of construction, what you pay for is, most likely, what you get. By evaluating the contractor’s planning and working process, supply attainment, networking opportunities, professionalism + feedback from past-to-present customers, and the like, you can breathe easy that they’ll do the job well, and with flying colours, so to speak. 

2-License And Credentials 

There are tons of professionals who market themselves as contractors. They may be skilled, and that’s the standard. However, the reason why it’s recommended that you choose those who are licensed is that their level of know-how and skill will be higher than those who aren’t licensed. 

You can read a bit about credentials (usually linked to the name of a contractor) and research on which national trade agencies and/ or organizations they’re linked to. Aside from codes of ethics, there are other standards for qualification said organizations employ, to add to the expertise of the contractor himself or herself. 

3-Project Estimation 

Ask about what the project estimation is, from the projected service fees of the general contractor and the subcontractors who’ll be involved in the construction, the materials and their prices, cleaning, other services not included in the overall service fee (i.e. demolition, transportation and/ or delivery fees, etc.), the list goes on. 

At the same time, be straightforward with your budget. Now, it won’t be to your advantage to shortchange them. We’ll say this frankly. Remember, you’ll get what you pay for. However, what we are trying to say is that you can be honest about just how much you’re willing to work with, and even extend it to, should that be necessary. 

If you can have a project estimation from your top general contractor candidates, the better. It’ll give you room to compare their prices and their construction methods. 

4-Review The Contract 

It’ll be to your benefit to ensure that the conversation made regarding the project will be written down in a contract. Ask the contractor to be as particular as possible in mentioning the services to be provided, costs, and the timeframe for completion. 

The reason behind asking for particulars is so you won’t be taken blindsided when you’re told undertakings need to be done, or that material is to be purchased, even when they weren’t specified in the said contract. 

A qualified and reliable general contractor will not catch you off-guard like that. But for your own protection, always get things down in writing. Confirmed, signed, and witnessed by another, at that. 

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