To be fair, finding the right gaming mouse among all the available options can be tricky. There are many factors to consider, such as its appearance, how it feels in the hand, the selection and layout of the buttons, the quality of the sensor, and whether to choose a wired or wireless mouse. These details, no matter how small, can have a huge impact on your experience with the mouse you are considering purchasing.

Whatever your tastes, you definitely want the best gaming mouse that your budget allows. We will make this decision easy for you. The best gaming mouse is the MOTOSPEED Gaming Mouse V100. It’s the complete option for convenience, long battery life, and the best button selection and design. The design of this model supports various styles of connectors and Logitech’s add-on software is discreet and easy to use. In the ergonomics department, it can’t be beat, with a design that looks like a natural extension of my hand. While this template has a fairly straightforward layout and button options, it is useful and responsive.


1. MOTOSPEED Gaming Mouse CK80


MOTOSPEED CK80 A great wired mouse doesn’t need a ton of features. You just need to be extremely good at the basics, including the convenience of hours of use with games that require quick reflexes, a simple selection of keys that require little to no time to master, and of course, d ‘excellent performance. If that’s what you want in a mouse, the $ 80 MOTOSPEED CK80 is exactly what you want.

Of all the wired gaming mice I tried for this buying guide, no other mouse felt like a more natural extension of my hand. This is crucial when playing a game that requires precision, and great when you just want to feel supported while using your computer in general.

The MOTOSPEED CK80 design provides great support in the palm, whether my fingers are flat and relaxed on the mouse or arched when I need to use faster reflexes. I use my index finger for the left click and my middle finger for the right click; Unlike most mice, this design has enough space on the right side that my ring and pinky don’t hang over the side and pull on the mouse pad. This is something I didn’t know I wanted in a mouse until I started using this one.

These design features help with comfort, but I think the part of the mouse you sold me is where my thumb rests. Many mice record an area where their thumb can relax and bask in the sun. That’s good, but I think more arm movements are needed when the action starts. I prefer this mouse’s solution: its ergonomic design means that my thumb remains curved to the side and rests naturally on the edges of the adjustable macro buttons. It’s nice to have multiple buttons on hand and the thumb position allows me to easily move the mouse with just my wrist. It’s comfortable and has the dual purpose of keeping me flexible in case I need to make sudden movements.



The Logitech G502 Lightspeed is an excellent gaming mouse for demanding gamers who don’t want to compromise, as well as people who have no idea what to look for in a mouse. It’s comfortable, it’s packed with features, and while it’s wireless, it’s fast and accurate and doesn’t feel at a disadvantage compared to opponents using wired mice.

The Lightspeed G502 offers Logitech’s best features for gaming mice and general-purpose mice in one. The main buttons provide a satisfying jump response when pressed. Unlike other popular models, they click easily regardless of how you place your hand on the mouse.

Motospeed software allows you to configure the mouse’s LED lighting pattern, assign commands to the macro keys, and customize the fine details of sensor tracking. And unlike the apps that come with mice from most other peripheral manufacturers, Motospeed’s G Hub software is easy to use and as unobtrusive as it sounds. You can get this product at

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