“TMT’s CEO of the Year” – Title goes to the Allied Wallet CEO, Dr Ahmad Khawaja

"TMT’s CEO of the Year" - Title goes to the Allied Wallet CEO, Dr Ahmad Khawaja
“TMT’s CEO of the Year” – Title goes to the Allied Wallet CEO, Dr Ahmad Khawaja

The CEO of Allied Wallet, Dr Ahmad Khawaja is basically a global leading provider of mainstream online payment processing. Over the years, it has earned a great fame for itself in the digital payments’ industry. The CEO was recently featured on the cover of TMT Magazine with the title, “CEO of the year.” This magazine also titled him as the “Experts in E-commerce.” His speech was mainly inclined towards the qualities that a CEO must have, in order to be successful in his business. The TMT sat down with the CEO, Dr Ahmad Khawaja to talk about this! All that he mentions during the conversation is clearly portrayed in the magazine. The TMT came up with the secrets of his business, based on the interview where Dr Ahmad Khawaja told about how he runs his business, and all that he believes are the qualities of becoming a good CEO. He even talks about the role of a CEO and the innovations that he has brought to the ‘fintech company.’ He says that the CEO had always been a popular figure in the industry, and his readership would certainly be influenced by his journey. 

Dr Ahmad Khawaja and his leadership pushed the company towards success

The leadership qualities of the Allied Wallet’s CEO, Dr Ahmad Khawaja has been a talk of the industry. He says that leadership roles of a CEO should not only be confined to the business but at the same time, it should be resembled in his innovations as well. He adds on saying that a true leader is the one who does good to the empire, as well as, thinks of the team and all that it is learning through the experiences. A good CEO will take a note of every minute detail of both his employees as well as the consumers. Besides, he should invest in the growth of his talented team. Also, it is essential for a CEO to count the efforts of his team, for at the end of the day, it is none other than the team that makes the organization and leads it to success. 

Allied Wallet’s CEO, Ahmad Khawaja: Wanting to be the torch-bearer

Allied Wallet‘s CEO, Dr Ahmad Khawaja has always wanted to be the one who will be the torch-bearer for everyone walking through the dark tunnel. He says that he had always wanted to motivate his team and help them in every possible way to be a guidance for them, so that they can aspire to do something big and establish themselves in this big world. He would love to influence the young entrepreneurs and would be extremely happy to see them grow down the years. He went on saying that there is no escape to hardship and struggle, but it is only perseverance and hard work that had brought Allied Wallet to the peak of success. 

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