Tobias Harris (Basketball Player) Proposed His GF Jasmine With Romantic Setup

Tobias Harris (Basketball Player) shared many photos on Instagram from a unique and romantic setup that has only fulfilled his followers’ dreams of a similar proposal. On November 17th, Tobias Harris (Basketball Player) announced his engagement with the girlfriend Jasmine. Tobias Harris shared the best moment of his life with his followers on social media (Instagram), showing many pictures of the entire process.

Everybody dreams about being proposed uniquely, and Tobias proposed Jasmine in such a beautiful and unique way. Tobias Harris shared amazing and romantic photos on his Instagram account, reflecting his effort to propose to look like something straight out of a romantic movie. Tobias Harris has made the beautiful heart of rose petals, surrounded by many colorful candles to look striking at night.

Girlfriend Jasmine’s Reply: 

Out of the photos shared online, Tobias Harris selected a beautiful outdoor location to ask the question and then get down on his knee while his girlfriend (Jasmine) was surprised as hell. He also arranged a candlelight dinner, which embarrassed Jasmine. Along with his photograph, he also mentioned the beautiful line in his post, “life exists only at this very moment, and at this moment it is countless and everlasting.

At last,” Jasmine Said,” YES, YES!” he added. In the post, Harris tagged many people who helped Tobias Harris (Basketball Player) with his romantic moment. The proposal made by Tobias Harris was a massive success on social media, and all of us wish Tobias and Jasmine a happy and beautiful life ahead.

Tobias Harris (Basketball Player) NBA Career: 

Tobias Harris was an earlier Tennessee Volunteers college basketball player; he was then enrolled in the NBA (National Basketball Association) by the Charlotte Bobcats, now famous as Hornets as the No. 19 complete picks 2011 NBA draft. In July 2019, Tobias signed a five-year agreement extension with the 180 million dollars.

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