Tomb Raider Animated Series On Netflix: A Review- Release date, Cast And Storyline

Tomb Raider Animated Series On Netflix

Tomb Raider is a new animated series that just came out on Netflix. Tomb Raider follows Tom, an ordinary boy who turns into a superhero after being bitten by a radioactive spider. Tom’s life changes with the bite, and he becomes part of S.H.I.E.L.D., where he learns to use his powers for good and fights evil with help from his friends at school, like Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn! Tom’s first adventure takes him to Forest Hills High School, where he uses his newfound abilities to foil The Lizard, Dr. Octopus, and Venom!

Release date:

Early 2022.

Cast and characters:

-Tom: Tom is an ordinary boy who becomes Tomb Raider. Tom has a crush on Gwen Stacy, and Harry Osborn is his best friend.

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-Gwen: Tom’s classmate and good friend, she looks up to him as the leader of their group (the three heroes). She also likes Peter Parker but doesn’t show it very much because Tom likes her.

-Mary Jane: Tom’s classmate who has hated Peter Parker with all her heart since the first day Tom talked to her.

-Dr. Octopus: Tom’s enemy, tries to take over the world (he almost succeeds in season one). Doc Ock thinks Tom has something that belongs to him, so he wants it back. Tom beats him every time, though, and Doc Ock’s robots always fail too.

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-Peter Parker: Tom is Peter’s classmate, but they don’t like each other because Tom thinks Peter hangs out with weirdos (like Harry Osborn, Flash Thompson, and Gwen Stacy) while he himself has a normal group of friends (he doesn’t know Tom’s friends are also weirdos). Tom and Peter always fight (they almost destroy the school once) until they eventually become best friends.

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-Harry Osborn: Tom likes Gwen Stacy, but Harry doesn’t like her because he is in love with her, so he tries to break them up by ruining their dates, embarrassing Tom or Tom himself. Tom always gets back at Harry by pranking him or embarrassing him in front of everyone (and Gwen).

-Flash Thompson: Tom bullies Flash because he thinks it’s fun, but Tom never beats up Flash-like other villains do and even saves his life once when the school is about to explode. Tom also tries to help Flash get a girlfriend once. Tom and Flash are friends, but Tom doesn’t show it too much because he is always mocking him or embarrassing him in front of everyone, especially Gwen Stacy, who loves Tom more than she hates Flash.

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Plot details:

Tomb Raider is an upcoming teenage hero who, along with a ragtag team of kids, fights against The Pride and its evil plan to bring forth this ancient creature known as “the beast” Tom is a young orphan who was raised in the city Tom has Tom’s father’s journal which contains information about The Pride. Tom teams up with his friends to fight against this evil group of people.

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