Top 10 Best Offline Android Games (UPDATED)

Top 10 Best Offline Android Games (UPDATED)

Nothing can beat games if we talk about fun and entertainment. Almost every newborn child has a fantasy to play video games. It excites them. Even adults like to play games a lot. The fun and enjoyment created by games are so awesome that any person of any age could not stop themselves from playing. It is the reward system offered by the games that attract them a lot. A person always wants to win. It’s their only fantasy. They used to play harder to win. And of course, it gives them courage. Most people spend their whole day in gaming. Though the internet is cheaper these days, all people are excited about online games.

These days, in the market, a lot of online games have been developed. And also due to the Pandemic condition through which the whole world is stuck, people need some or the other way of fun. Coronavirus pandemic had made every individual to be quarantined. People use the game as a way to tackle these difficult times. However, in every region, internet speed is not much better to play these online games. Sometimes if you need to turn off your internet connection, but still you want to play games. How if you are a player in Fortnite battle royale and you are about to shoot your enemy. As you entered a tunnel and connection was lost. It will really ruin up your mood. It is fun to play online games but it won’t help in many situations. Therefore you must know about some best offline android games to make your moment better.

There are really some best offline games that do not require any internet connection. Still, you can have a great deal of fun with them.

10-Alto’ Odyssey

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Alto Odyssey is an offline game developed by Team Alto. Team Alto is a collaboration of Snowman (an indie studio from Toronto), a UK-based artist, and developer Harry Nesbitt. Through this game, you can explore life beyond mountains. Here you will love to watch and feel all actions and adventures. In this game, two-dimension images are stimulated to the three-dimension game environments.

You are the guide to Alto in this game and you have to control the sandboard over various hills and ramps. Although you will enjoy performing various actions here.  You can do backflips and even leap between grinds in the dynamic background with foothills, barren deserts, a rising sun, or with a moonlit sky. You can jump over any obstacle by speeding down a slope on a sandboard.

It also has other backgrounds or modes like a desert landscape, that involves sand dunes, hot –air balloons, trees, and some temple cities. Eventually, if by the case you fail, you can easily start a new run. It does not take much time. The view will fill your heart with delight. It consists of the purple sun rising in the company to the cityscape background. The most interesting thing about the game is that it is completely free of cost and also it is ad-free.


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Another most fantastic solo player offline game is Minecraft. The game was developed by Markus “Notch” Persson through JAVA programming language. The very first version of the game was released in the year 2009. Later, in the year 2011, the development was taken under Jens Bergensten. By the year 2019, it became the most popular video game, with almost 112 million monthly active users.

In offline games, of course you cannot be in touch with your friend. This game can be meditative if it is played with wonderful music in the background. You can spend hours playing this game hunting for diamonds. And make sure that you are not going to get bored while playing this game. This is only because it will urge you to get a higher score. You will always be in pursuit of achieving higher goals. It’s true that you will not be able to reveal others about your achievements, however, you will be satisfied with your labor.


It is a graphical adventurous game. The game was developed and published by Night School Studio. At first, it was released for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Xbox One in the year 2016. Later in the year 2016, the version for PlayStation 4 and Linux was released. The android version of this game was released in the year 2017.

After playing the game you will realize that it’s almost an ordinary game. In these, an 80s teenager piles onto a creepy island. It is a trope full of classical mystery. The twists and turns, which are almost supernatural, will keep you locked up with the game. However, the characters are real draws in the game. The developer has made the character’s personality in the game, such that it feels as if it is real. The best part of the game that makes it best is it allows the player to make the game cast say dialogs. There are many options available for it.

7-Her Story

Her Story is a video game directed by Sam Barlow. It is an interactive film, written by Sam, a video game. It was first released for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and iOS, in the year 2015. The android version of the game was released in the next year.

The game is not just about Her Story. It is not the story in which Murder suspect Hannah Smith who had been integrated by the police for the whole game. Instead, it is the story of yours where you have to choose the order of video clip after watching them and solve the murder case. Hannah is the character in the game. You will observe Hannah’s behavior through the police database and you will have to find clues about her husband’s death. Every player comes out with different conclusions after playing this game and it is the best thing about it. It’s a game based on your wisdom completely. It is our recommendation to play the complete game for the best conclusion.

6-Mini Metro

One of the best puzzle video games that a game lover should play is Mini Metro. Dinosaur Polo Club team of indie development is the developer of the game. It is a mind game that you need to play for relaxation. The game will provide you with knowledge of the transport planners.

A player, in this game, needs to build subway lines throughout the city. The city eventually grows in the area and you have to plan accordingly for getting the passengers from one place to another within the city. As the city grows in the area, the new station also pops up in that area. It’s the responsibility or either option of the player to join these stations in order to win the game. It is quite challenging as the player sees it as a puzzle. The starting is simple but as the[RS1]  area expands it is quite difficult to keep an eye on all the places and lines. And obviously every player to get a high score, in a challenge.

5-Stardew Valley

The game was first made for Microsoft Windows, in the year 2016, by Eric Barone. It is a video game in which the player needs to play simulation roles. Later the game version for Linux, Mac OS, and iOS and for android as well was released.

The Player, in this game, needs to get a role and act accordingly. You need to practice several farming techniques while you are in the role, in the gameplay. Here a player can chop down the trees during the afternoon. During the morning, you can sit on a wooden dock along with a fishing rod. The game has several deep meanings regarding daily life routines. The season change makes a player master a new mechanic. The player enjoys the taste of what is really given by the game. It makes them feel loved for the freedom they enjoy here. They can make a friend here and do farming of carrots in their plot of land. The mini-stories in this game will take you to a wonderful and peaceful direction of the mind.

4-Hidden Folk

This video game is about finding hidden objects, places, persons, and things from an animated scene or interactive motion pictures. It was released for iOS, Android, Linux Mac OS by Adriaan de Jongh. In this game, players visit wimmelbilderbuch virtually. They need to find hidden characters, objects, and things in that environment.

The game is best because the player can see Wally/Waldo in a better way. It is because of the moving scenes. Everything you touch on the screen will reward you with some animation. Every sound that has been used in the game is mouth-made and very awesome. You will hear a ping song upon finding objects and you do not need to pause the game, but you thereafter need to go for the next level.

3-Monument Valley 2

The game is a sequel to Monument Valley. It is an indie puzzle game developed by Ustwo Games. In the year 2017, it was released for iOS. In the same year, it was also released for Android. The view of the game is isometric.

In the gameplay, Ro and her child can move from one screen to another. The artistic puzzler created in the game will attract you. The scene is full of wistful optical illusions like a sprawling, curving structure, turns in the staircase, with the movement of Ro from one screen to another you will find the color palette and other buildings. It seems to offer enough obstacles to make the game the hardest and toughest one. It feels like a dreamland and will confuse you with worldly soundtracks.

2-The Room

 It is one of the best video puzzle games that was created by Fireproof Games. It was made for the iOS platform in the year 2012. In the year 2013, the Android version was released in google play store. It was developed in a challenging condition by the developers, with limited finances.

The game is even the best challenge. Its objects need to be twisted, pulled, and flicked by the shape unless you make out some way possible for a solution. Every puzzle’s items move and make you work even harder. It hits you with life hardness and reality rather than a playground. It’s a mystery that it links the series one by another and makes it an endless one. However, it’s not too tough but it will take a minute of yours.

1-80 Days

The best fiction game yet released by Inkle on iOS platform and Later on Android platform, allow the player to choose the plots on their own. The player needs to plot the route keeping in mind his financial and health status. You need to play Passepartout, where you can control his actions.

The player will have to choose his own route after leaving London to Paris train. In his way, he will buy and sell various things and maintain his financial and health status. Every city will show some different contents and it will refresh your mind.

All these games are just amazing and you will love to play it. You have better fun, even being offline.

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