Top 10 Phone stands for meeting your video conferencing requirements

Top 10 Phone stands for meeting your video conferencing requirements

How taxing it becomes to hold your phone right through the online meeting with your colleagues? Working from home may entail you to use video conferencing, GoogleMeet or webcam or other softwares at regular intervals. Well, yes usually professional meetings goes on for an exceptionally long time and there is a frequent updates which you may have to take or give to your entire online team working from their respective homes. Well, this is where a phone stand comes to your rescue as it is safer and gives full worth to your expensive gadget which you have purchased for your online needs. Let’s take a look at the top 10 phone stands for meeting your video conferencing requirements:-

Nulaxy A5

A stand which literally says, “Take me with you by tucking into your pocket”. Yes, so slim and easy to be carried and it is Nulaxy A5. Yes, it is easily carried as its shafts are designed to be adjusted by up to 270 degrees. You have the option to simply fold the stand. It can work for your tablet or phone in the range between 4.7 and 13 inches. The utility of it lies towards how flexible and adjustable a phone stand can actually become. It takes efforts to adjust determining that it is durable and is set to long last while giving you better assistance. It comes in black. 

Ugreen Holder

Ugreen Holder is a stand which offers loads of customization features quite like Nulaxy. The stand can take devices with a maximum of 7.9 inches. The stand is designed with a large opening to take care of the charging cable. The hooks are ok, but if you have a phone with rugged case, then you may need to check it first before you opt to purchase. You never know that hooks may not prove to be sufficient for bulky or rugged case users. However, apart from the same, the case comprise of sophisticated aluminum 

Moko Stand

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You are in front of a stand, but what if you want to adjust it as per your freedom and flexibility?

Do you know that you often have to adjust yourself either horizontally or vertically, due to finding a more comfortable posture during long hours of seating? Well, yes, and this is where Moko Stand gives you enough flexibility to adjust up to 210 degrees thus giving you maximum leverage. The safety issue has been well adhered thanks to aluminum alloy and silicone pads used for stability and enhanced protection. Charging wire is well placed and systematically tucked through a hole designed to keep the device ensuring a neat and clean look. 

Omoton C3

Omoton C3 offers a stand precisely designed to keep even the thickest of phones perfectly in place. The cable wire is out of sight, thanks to the design of the case with proper mechanism for creating a neat look of the stand. There are three colors for you to choose from pink, black and silver. So, while you have to charge, there is a proper mechanism to easily vent air.

Lamicall Gooseneck mount

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There is an entire shift from adjustable shafts and here I am talking about Lamicall Gooseneck mount. Yes, as per its name, it has a gooseneck design which for better understanding can be referred as a “bend straw”.  You have a comparably flexible 33 inch neck which you can adjust to your desired height as per the need. The clamp is well attached to the surface you want, as it has angle of 2.36 inches to be attached at the desired area of yours. You need to find another option when it comes to tablets though as it isn’t fit for the same. 

Superone magnetic phone stand

Superone magnetic phone stand offers the same function of holding your phone, but with a different technological invention. Yes, I am talking about how magnetic pad works best for this stand. Simply attach the magnet on the phone and based on the preferred angle you want, you can adjust accordingly. 

The wide base of the stand gives greater level of stability and it comes in gray or woodgrain finishes. The best phones you can hold should be between four and eight inches 

Puppy Phone Stand

Puppy Phone Stand adds a “Fun” way without compromising on the safety and durability of your phone. As the name indicates, the puppy who is regarded to be the man’s best friend is justifying its nature. Yes, he is there at your service rigorously where his head acts as an adjustable stand. 

Deadpool Stand

You may consider it to be not so good for professional reasons, but its overall looks can easily be regarded to be quite a captivating one. Yes, different designs and its overall presentation sums up the real essence of how much weightage the stand actually gives to its looks. Professionally, you may say that it isn’t adjustable; however, there are wide devices which the stand can handle well. 

Stress Toy Stand

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Different options available with series of different stands and another one of them is Stress Toy Stand. It is 4 inches and that’s enough for it to work with most of the phones desired. However, you can’t adjust it and that’s the negative point towards addressing your professional needs. Well, apart from that, its beauty lies in its captivating looks as the different versions of color in the form of red, blue and yellow will give moments to feel happy and cheer in the end for sure. 

Final thoughts

You may say, “I can easily put sacks of books and put it to rest on that in such a way that it can act as a temporary stand. Well, what if it falls? Similarly, you may try to create a homer made stand, but again a little shaky surrounding arising out of your sudden bump or hit, may prove to be dangerous. Yes, that’s where the above list of best stands will do justice in its entirety so that you know your phone is well supported and you know you have made the right decision at the right time.

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