Top 10 Radio Apps for Android

Top 10 Radio Apps for Android
Top 10 Radio Apps for Android

Music has a power, so huge that it can literally force you to shake your legs or hum to your favorite song and feel inner bliss.

Yes, that’s how whenever we feel low, we switch over to anyone of the multiple ways present. 

Such as streaming, watching music related videos or listening to radio among others.  Radio may be for some, an old method but it offers such a carefree method where you don’t have to bother about playing a playlist or switching over to songs every now and then. Let’s take a look at some of the best radio apps for Android which can force you to feel happier, lighter and cheerful. 


Free/$5.99 and above monthly 

Everyone has a unique taste when it comes to listening to music and that has exactly been well understood by the manufacturers of the iHeartRadio. This app has its own station including FM stations along with the long playlist catering to different moods. Usually, we tend to hear songs based on what our mood demands and that’s exactly has been well adhered and catered professionally. You can also get seasonal playlist songs which can enthrall the gathering with Halloween party songs etc. Although it is free, yet, by spending $5.99 monthly, you will get professional support which you can’t deny or overlook. The app has Chromecast and Android wear support.  

AccuRadio  (Free) 

AccurRadizo does have 1000 radio channels where you can tune into, to get insights about what is playing. The huge list of channels can substantially create an awesome feeling to get what you want, and importantly right at the time when you want. You get the best of songs; in short your ears only listen to what you feel good about. Here’s why. Since, the massive list is accompanied with unlimited skips as well a rating system. You also have the option not to listen to certain actors by banning them and all of this comes with such detailed insights after learning the needs of users to get what they want.  There are few things which need advancement or improvement like the absence of chromecast (at the time of writing). 

XiiaLive Internet Radio

Price: Free

XiiaLive Internet Radio has over 50,000 live radio stations which can be called as “sufficient base” for most. Yes, it is customized to the needs where you can add your own favorite url. It has data management features and themes along with a Bluetooth option. When it comes to popularity, it certainly doesn’t stand at par with many others, but features are there for you to decide yourself. 

TuneIn Radio

Price: Free / $9.99 per month

You live your life with different attributes where there is comedy, music, sports, talk shows etc. What if I say, you can get the same right with TuneInRadio? Yes, it comes with different radio stations catering to above niches with over 100,000 free version stations. The paid version entitles you LIVE NFL, MBL and various premier league games etc. Local prices may be different. So, this app is an all rounder which not only limits itself to music, but is an ideal option for host of categories (mentioned above)


Price: Free / $9.99-$14.99 per month

Spotify has dedicated itself to streaming radio style in the last two years. Its dedication and ample of research gives you unique playlists, where you will be forced to think and say, “Wow!!! I haven’t heard it before”. You will love to listen to “Worldwide top 50” and will relate to what I am talking about. The paid version comes with additional features without advertising. It is also working on its podcast platform to make a pleasant difference in times to come. 


Price: Free app / $10.99-$19.99 per month

SiriusXM satellite radio can be categorized as a streaming channel which has drifted away from the usual AM and FM radio services. Known for airing different genres, it has music, sports and shows to keep your mind glued with over 150 channels at your services. There are three subscriptions available and your preferred content will decide that. .Over the times, it is improving, but still it has much room and scope for the same. These days many latest four wheelers don’t need Bluetooth to use as SiriusXM is built-in.

Radio Online

Price: Free / $4.99 per year

What you can traditionally associate a radio to be can be best described “Radio Online” to be. It offers wide content both FM and Internet centric. Paid ones have additional features such as live radio recording etc.

Pandora Radio

Price: Free / $4.99-$9.99 per month

The uniqueness of Pandora Radio lies towards creating its own specific stations to give a refreshing taste for its users. As a user, you are free to create your own station whether it is centric around your favorite artists, songs, or music genre. So, you can either create your own or use Pandora’s playlist. Paid subscriptions are obviously without ads with additional features at $4.99 monthly. If you want on-demand songs, then raising slight fees at $9.99 monthly will achieve your desire as well. 

myTuner Radio

Price: Free / $3.49

my Tuner Radio can be regarded as a traditional radio set up but it is impressive with 50,000 radio stations cutting across 200 countries. It has podcasts for talk and music radio along with other functions. 

Local radio apps

Free with ads (usually)

There have been literally loads of channels which have flooded the online world. You would have seen how driving in a car has become more happening with soothing music or passing time out of boredom at the comforts of home has become more soothing and pleasant. Mostly, these radio stations have their own apps which are working round the clock and come with offers too. However, these individual apps have a lot more journey to cover as they need sophistication and the best thing is that time is helping them to improve, so you can see a lot more pleasant changes in future.

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