Top 13 weather apps and weather widgets for Android

Top 13 weather apps and weather widgets for Android
Top 13 weather apps and weather widgets for Android

Don’t you check the weather forecast while planning to go for a visit? Similarly, don’t you want to know weather updates about the coming week especially as your favorite sport will be underway? Well, there are many reasons to get weather related updates and for completing the request, there  are Smartphone weather apps and weather widgets. Yes, they have been constantly updating themselves and improving as per the requisite situations. check Top 9 camera apps for android on  and Top 15 Android Apps available also. They are more accurate and have improved in age too. Let’s now check on the list of 13 weather apps and weather widgets for Android:-


Free / $1.99

One of the highest rated apps as it has proved its worth after being there for a long time   now. 1Weather helps you know your daily and hourly forecast. The clean interface helps you to easily check Android Wear support along with tracking of weather for maximum 12 cities. There are a whopping 25 languages which it supports. The free version has advertisements. While paying $1.99 will remove the ads. 


Free / $2.99

Planning to move out but don’t know how the weather is going to be? Well, look no further as Accuweather will simply empower with minute by minute basis. This feature is best addressed by MinuteCast. Furthermore, you will be getting updates about extended forecasts, hourly forecasts etc. It has a radar, which is said to be quite promising. It has witnessed a big overhaul in mid 2020 with latest features. 

Appy Weather

Free / $3.99 per year

The uniqueness of Appy Weather lies in its personalized feed along with an awesome user interface. Apart from that, it has all the basic features which the weather apps have. It comes with Dark Sky’s API for the time being, but it is going to include other options. You can subscribe to the same at just $3.99 annually. 

Carrot Weather

Free / $1.99 monthly / $3.99 annually 

Carrot Weather is a new entrant. Like other apps, this is no difference where it gives you details about forecasts, temperature per hour basis etc. If you go for the premium version, then it includes weather widgets where you can view the history of a whopping 70 years. It costs $1.99 monthly while on an annual basis, you need to spend $3.99. The annual charge is quite economical as you will save a lot of your hard earned money.

Google Feed


Google Assistant is waiting for you to ask for the forecast in terms of how the current weather is going to be. Similarly, you can get daily weather alerts etc. It just requires you to click on the weather card and the work is done. You can empower yourself with quick updates and get daily weather alerts It lacks weather widgets or built-in radar. It is free. So, if you are using the Android device, the chances are that it is pre installed. 

MyRadar Weather Radar

Price: Free / $2.99 per month / $24.99 per year

MyRadar makes use of animations to get updates about the incoming rain. It has a weather radar. The app comes with additional in-app purchases, even though the app has basic features already. There is also a hurricane tracker to judge if any news is coming on that front. In order to get its maximum utilities, it works by combining another weather app.


Free / Up to $7.49

Overdrop is a new entrant. You get real-time weather data along with a weekly weather forecast as well as alerts, widgets etc. You can also get to know the 24 hour forecast. 

Today Weather

Price: Free / Up to $4.99

Here, you get to know about humidity, forecasts, temperature, weather related alerts, weather widgets. It equally has other utilities in the form of moon cycles, quality index etc. The radar is simply superb and awesome. You can download the app and there are options for you towards going for in-app purchases as well. 


Free / $19.99

WeatherBug has been there for a long time now. You can get to know about temperature, weather forecasts, alerts etc. There are 18 various weather maps along with a feature to alert you with lightning and traffic conditions. Weather widgets are present as well and you can download them separately. The UI is relatively advanced while you can go for the free version.

Yahoo Weather 


Yahoo’s weather app features beautiful design along with radar, weather alerts etc. The app can effectively track for roughly 20 cities. The best thing about this app is that it has awesome and captivating images from Flickr etc. You get it for free and there is nothing like in-app purchases which you have to do. 

YoWindow Weather

Free / $2.99

YoWindow Weather offers another unique weather app. Just by placing your finger across the UI, will help you to get the detailed weather. It is simple and easy to operate. The app is free while the paid version costs roughly $2.99.

The Weather Channel

Free / Up to $9.99

Weather Channel empowers you with current temperature, weather alerts along with future forecasts etc. There are other lightning alerts along with pollen alerts. There is no dearth of widgets along with tablet UI etc

Storm Radar by The Weather Channel

Price: Free

Storm Radar is slightly different as its main focus is centered on thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes etc. You can also empower yourself with forecasts along with current temperature etc. 

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