Top 5 life hacks to remain positive during Covid 19 pandemic

Top 5 life hacks to remain positive during Covid 19 pandemic
Top 5 life hacks to remain positive during Covid 19 pandemic

Life is a learning phase with varied form of emotions. There are times when we are the happiest, while there are still few phases which test our patience. Yes, as it is said that time doesn’t remain the same. Currently, due to Covid 19, we are facing an exceptionally lengthening and utterly challenging phase of our lives which no human could have expected even in his/her wildest of dreams.

However, it is important to be positive even during Covid 19, So that you can focus on constructive things. Let’s now know 5 life hacks at the time when social distancing has become a norm:-

Be positive

Surround yourself with people who have a positive approach towards life and have a sense of humor to cheer you up. We know that negativity is all around with people complaining about things like “depression, “ill health etc, just because they have no jobs now. Create a cocoon of yourself with people who are motivated and you can learn a lot from their experiences by minimizing the negativities of life, which you are already surrounded with.

Occupy yourself in constructive things

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Do you know that you can learn various new skills which can add to your “Curriculum Vitae” the next time you apply for a job??

Well, absolutely, there are various online e-learning courses which offer a golden opportunity during Covid 19. Make use of them. It is said that an empty mind is a devil’s workshop, so occupy yourself in things which add to your professional identity and give your career a boost, the moment you have the opportunity to apply for a job, in near future

Engage yourself in household chores

Have you ever prepared lunch or dinner or simply washed utensils in normal days? If not then it is the time to lend a helping hand so that you feel good about yourself while you get a share of what your family members especially mother has been undergoing since ages.

Occupying yourself in house-hold activities also adds on to your professionalism since you never know the next time you job requires you to stay out of station at places where you may have to look after the chores yourself. So, don’t you think it is a good opportunity to indulge yourself in the same?


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It is said that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body and for you to be fit, you need to eat right. Many may have complained about lack of exercises during isolation period arising out of Covid 19,but hey you can do secluded exercises especially like Yoga, in the comforts of home Right? This will help you mentally

Be grateful

Do you know that Covid 19 pandemic has taken more jobs from people and there are so many who are struggling to eat even twice a day? Yes, indeed. Be thankful if you can manage to eat and a family whom you love. Develop close relations with family and share a bond of love and friendship which you may have missed otherwise during normal days, out of busy schedule.

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