Top 5 media player apps for Android to play music and video files

MiXplorer Silver

Are you looking for an app that plays both video and music, as it saves time and space?  If yes, then the following post offers a list of the following top 5 media player apps for Android:-

MiXplorer Silver


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MiXplorer Silver offers a file browser where it goes beyond one step with VLC media codecs which basically means that it gives support to various audio and video formats. Although, it is true that mostly different file browsers function in such a manner where they can play video or audio related content, but there is an addition to the same with this app.

Being a file browser, there are various features you can count in as well, such as PDF support along with eBooks support. However, it effectively runs media files with mostly no issues. So, you can create an easy and systematic approach for yourself with regards to listening to songs or watching your favorite videos of your choice and that’s possibly the best thing you can attain for yourself. It has created such an awesome phase for anyone who is looking for a systematic approach towards adhering to the best quality videos or music and here this app primarily addresses the function with perfection. 

ASD Music and Video Player

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How often have you felt the need of sophisticated video quality where everything should be perfect in terms of quality, image and sound? Well, this is where the role of ASD Music and Video Player comes to play as it supports various audio as well as video formats.

There are other features in the form of bass boost, equalizer, OS support, theming etc which enhances the precision and quality of videos and audio alike, so that you get the best results without any hindrance. 

The developers have taken care about the technicalities in order to ensure an easier and simpler approach for the users where they shouldn’t face any issues while listening to the quality music in style. Since, it is free so you can be sure of the ads which may create few issues, but over the period of time, we may expect premium version and that’s how things can be easy and simple.


Free / $2.49

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MediaMonkey is another app which helps you to play videos and videos related content. Primarily, the features favors the users who are looking for music related content, but like with other apps, anyone can watch videos as well. There is also a desktop version for PC where you can check video and music related content between your phone and computer. What it does is that, it supports various videos and music formats along with extras in the form of podcasts and audio books.

The app consists of a widget, sleeper time, chromecast support, android auto support etc. It stands out to be quite an awesome music player which also runs videos. So, for the users of this app, it has certainly come as a great mechanism to play with the different features available for them and the way they can enjoy while listening to different music and video formats with an enhanced perfection. The users are surely experiencing a change for better with this app. 


Free / $0.99 / $3.99 per month

Plex is another media player app and the way it functions is that, it creates a server on your home computer and thereby streaming is done from your home computer to your phone. Now, based on the same, the phone is where all the video content is, as you can watch media on your phone or cast to Chromecast. This specific action serves the biggest possible purpose as it doesn’t let the space to be occupied, or in other words, it frees up the same as you have stored things on other machine. It supports most of the media formats 

VLC for Android


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VLC is another one of the renowned Android media players which is known for its codec support. Also, it helps you to watch DVD ISOs and furthermore you can watch most music codecs, online steams along with various other media files. Although, the app is a video player, but it equally has the inbuilt features and designed in such a manner, that it will help you to listen to music.

VLC is for those who have lots of work to be done on video either due to professional or personal reasons and their life revolves around getting the best of results with perfection. So, if you want to create a pleasant and awesome situation for yourself without issues or facing any compromise in the quality then VLC is the best bet, you can possibly get for yourself. You don’t want to take any chances with any other as the developer of the app knows very well its targeted users and their subsequent expectations with regards to this app.

Final thoughts

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Finally, aforesaid are the top 5 media player apps for Android where you can play music and video files. Yes, now you have the reasons to shake a leg or two by enhancing the quality of music as well as videos which you have been cheering up till now. So, ensure the best moments and live life amidst listening or watching your favorite videos and share with your friends and feel happy to be connected with the updated songs or videos which come up at periodical intervals. 

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