Top 5 unconventional ways to earn some extra cash

Who doesn’t want to fill the pocket with some extra cash? Well, if you are desirous of doing the same while helping the science community at the same time, then the following post talks about few of the unconventional ways where you can sell your body. Let’s talk in detail about the 5 most creative ways through which you can actually make money in the process:-

Get entitled for $18,000 while laying in bet for 70 days

Yes, as interesting and unconventional it may seem, it is true that you can earn this much. In what could be seen by many as a simple and easy process, it actually requires lots of determination and willingness to complete the number of days mentioned. The basis becomes the NASA which wants to test out the changes which happens in the body of an astronaut while journeying through the space where due to less gravitational force, the body literally floats in air. Hence, in order to gather a cue NASA is going to pay you for lying 24 hours a day continuously for 70 days in a row. 

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You earn $35,000 by donating a testicle

Talking about the show namely “Extreme Cheapskates”, a man in Las Vegas saved a big chunk of money roughly $750, when he presented his body for medical trials. The easy access to money motivated him to further push himself to do something more. Yes, he willingly contended on donating his testicles. The medical practitioners paid him $35,000 and replaced it with the artificial one. It was reported that he purchased a Nissan 370 Z with the money he received. 

Present yourself with various enrollment programs where you can be paid as per the specific program

There are various easy sign-up programs where you can present yourself with paid psychological experiments. The concerned practitioners basically want to examine your behavior with regards to how its functions and responds in different situations. Although, you may not be as handsomely paid, with regards to other options in the offing, yet it usually has other benefits. For example, 

  • It is for a shorter duration of time
  • It is safer
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You can easily search online where you will get to know various universities offering easy sign up as they have online database of experiments ready to be done on the interested ones. 

You earn $20-$50 per donation by selling your blood plasma

Human Plasma has mostly water, but it also has quantity of proteins, enzymes as well as antibodies. Its main benefit and utility lies in the way it is used for therapies. It treats people with autoimmune diseases or those who have burns or even clotting disorders. There is a payout of roughly $20-$50 per donation which you can easily earn. 

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Become an egg donor

There are egg donor agencies which gets in touch with the women who are unable to conceive themselves where they use another woman’s egg through IVF. Yes, their ovaries are incapable of producing health eggs which is a mandatory aspect towards becoming pregnant. Egg donors can receive from $5000 to $10,000 per donation. When women can take part, even men can do as per their capabilities. Yes, they can donate the sperms to banks. Although, they don’t earn as much, as their women counterparts, yet they get anywhere between $30 – $200 per cell donation. However, men can seemingly add much more finances to their pockets as they can potentially donate hundreds of sperm samples.

Final thoughts

Finally, you have got the most informative information about the money making aspects through unconventional ways.

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