Top 50 Hive Interview Questions For 2021


Getting ready for the interview for a job that uses Hive software? This article covers a rundown of the most significant and generally asked Hive interview questions and answers, which will help you get a top-to-the-bottom understanding.

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Top 50 Hive Interview Questions For 2021

We are giving a rundown of the most normally asked hive scenario-based interview questions and answers this year.

  1. What is Hive? 

Hive is a data warehouse software that is utilized for encouraging questioning and overseeing huge data collections dwelling in distributed storage. It is the most basic interview questions on Hive.

  1. What are the Binary Storage designs upheld in Hive?

Naturally, the Hive underpins the text file format. Notwithstanding, hive likewise supports Parquet files, ORC files, RCFiles, Avro Data files, and Sequence Files.

  1. How Facebook uses Hbase, Hive, and Hadoop? 

Facebook data put away on HDFS, consistently a great many photographs transferred into Facebook with the assistance of Hadoop Facebook Messages, status and likes running on top of Hbase Hive to create reports for outsider designers and sponsors who need to follow the achievement of their applications or missions.

  1. What is the most extreme size of the string data type upheld by Hive?

The most extreme size is 2 GB.

  1. What is the variation between Hive and HBase? 

Both HBase and Hive can be utilized in various innovations that depend on Hadoop. Hive turns out to be a framework warehouse of data that is utilized on Hadoop, while HBase is NoSQL. It is one type of hive real-time interview questions.

  1. What are the types of tables in Hive?
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External tables and Managed tables.

  1. Explain Hive Metastore? 

It is a database that stores metadata of your hive tables like the number of buckets, table location, data types, column name, table name in the table, and so on.

  1. Various kinds of join in Hive 

Join, Right Outer Join, Full Outer Join, and Left Outer Join is a type of Hive interview question.

  1. Hive new form upheld Hadoop Versions? 

This delivery works with Hadoop 2.x.y, 1.x.y, 0.23.x.y, 0.20.x, and it also one type of hive interview questions.

  1. Clarify ObjectInspector usefulness? 

ObjectInspector is utilized to dissect the design of individual columns and the inside structure of the row objects.

  1. Which organizations are, for the most part utilizing Hive? 

Netflix and Facebook.

  1. Clarify about the SMB Join in Hive 

SMB participates in Hive; every mapper peruses a pail from the main table and the relating bucket from the subsequent table, and afterward, a merge sort join is performed.

  1. Is it conceivable to utilize a similar Metastore by multiple clients on account of an inserted hive? 

No, it is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to utilize Metastore in sharing mode.

  1. Is multiline remark supported in Hive Script? 


  1. RLIKE in Hive? 

It is an extraordinary function in Hive.

  1. Is HQL case sensitive? 
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  1. UCASE or UPPER function in Hive? 

It changes the input string over to upper case characters.

  1. LCASE or LOWER function in Hive? 

It changes the input string over to bring lower case characters. 

  1. REPEAT function in Hive? 

It repeats the input string n times.

  1. Can you delete the DBPROPERTY in Hive?


  1. Is there a date data type in Hive?

Yes, the TIMESTAMP data.

  1. TRIM function in Hive?

It removes the spaces associated with a string.

  1. Is Hive suitable to be used for OLTP systems?


  1. Can a partition be archived?


  1. Does Hive tables give any space-saving in HDFS?


  1. When might you use SORT BY rather than ORDER BY? 

At the point when one needs to sort huge datasets.

  1. Components utilized in the Hive inquiry processor.

Metadata Layer, Type Interfaces, Tools, Optimizer, and so on.

  1. What are the normally utilized Hive services? 

Jar, Metastore, and Hive Web Interface.

  1. What is HiveServer2? 

It is a server interface that permits distant users to execute questions against the Hive. 

  1. Clarify the utilization of Hcatalog? 

It is utilized to share data structures with outside frameworks. 

  1. What Hive is made out of? 

Storage, Computing, Services, and Clients and is one type of Hive interview questions.

  1. How might you upgrade Hive execution? 

Utilizing ORCFILE, Enable Compression, Using vectorization, etc.

  1. What is a partition in Hive?

The motivation behind gathering comparable kinds of data dependent on partition or column key.

  1. Where does the data of a Hive table get put away?
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In an HDFS directory.

  1. What sort of applications are upheld by Hive? 

Ruby, C, Python, PHP, or Java are upheld by Hive.

  1. What is the utilisation of Hcatalog? 

To write and read data to Hive’s data warehouse.

  1. For what reason do we need indexing? 

To accelerate the entrance of a column or set of columns. 

  1. For what reason do we need buckets? 

To Map Side and to diminish the query time. 

  1. For what reason do we perform partitioning in Hive? 

Partitioning gives granularity.

  1. Restrictions of Hive. 

Not perform constant queries. 

  1. Use of Hive. 

For Schema, flexibility is just as advancement. 

  1. Features of Hive

It offers data summarization.

  1. Hive Operates on? 

Server-side of a cluster

  1. Nature of Hive. 

Declarative SQL 

  1. Clarify the Trim. 

It erases the spaces. 

  1. Notice different data types supported by Hive. 

Structs, Arrays, and Maps.

  1. The convenience of the DISTRIBUTED BY provision? 

It is useful on account of streaming data. 

  1. What does the “USE” command in a Hive do? 

To fix the database.

  1. How would you determine it is an HDFS record and not a local file?

By deleting the LOCAL CLAUSE in the LOAD DATA statement.

  1. For what reason do we need Hive? 

To compose SQL-like questions.


Subsequently, we have seen the best 50 Hive Interview Questions and Answers. Consequently, when you go through it, you will get a top to bottom knowledge of questions that may oftentimes be asked in a Hive interview.


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